MORI Hideki

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MORI Hideki
Gifu University
School of Medicine, Medical Course, Department of Tumor Pathology
Job title
Execitive Presidential Assistat

Research Areas



Genotoxicity of a variety of mycotoxins in the hepatocyte primary culture/DNA repair test using rat and mouse hepatocytes
Cancer Research   44(6)    1984
Genotoxicity of a variety of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the hepatocyte primary culture/DNA repair tests using rat, mouse and hamster hepatocytes
Cancer Research   45(6)    1985
Reduced DNA repair response of cells from carcinogen-induced rat liver altered foci exposed to chemical carcinogens in culture
Carcinogenesis   6(8)    1985
Induction of intestinal tumours in rats by chrysazin
British Journal of Cancer   52    1985
Genotoxicity of a variety of azobenzene and amino-azobenzene compounds in the hepatocyte primary culture/DNA repair test and the bacterial assay
Cancer Research   46(4)    1986

Books etc

Celllular changes in the pathogenesis of liver neoplasms. In "Ultrastructure of Tumors in Animals and Man" ed by H. M. Schuller
CRC Press, Florida   1989   
Genotoxicity of naturally occurring metabolites ; Structural analogs of aflatoxin and related chemicals. In "Mycotoxins in Ecological Systems"
Mercel Dekker Inc. New-York/Basel   1992   
Connexin 43, a possible new marker protein for preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions in rat hapatocarcinogenesis
Intercellular Communication through GAP Junction Progress in Cell Research 4 ed by Y. Kanno, Elsevier   1995   
Chemoprevention of oral cancer by nutritional factors and related synthetic agents
In "Oral Cancer ed by A. K. Valma & M. Mori Macmilan India Limited, Delhi   1995   
Protective role of dietary factors in carcinogenesis of digestive organs
Food Factors for Cancer Prevention   1997   

Research Grants & Projects

Studies for the mechanisms of carcinogenesis in digestive organs
Studies for detection of carcinogens
Studies for detection and mode of effects of agents for cancer prevention