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Gifu University
Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences
Doctor of Engineering(Kyushu University)

Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Gifu University Faculty of Applied Biological Sciences

Published Papers

Numerical simulation on soil temperature control within a ridge by circulating cold water in buried pipes during high temperature period
,Tanaka Itsuo(Gifu-U),Ishi Yukitsugu(Gifu-U)
Proceedings of the ⅩⅣ Memorial CIGR World Congress   1243-1248   Nov 2000
13(2) 97-103   Jun 2001
Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly   36(3) 165-168   Sep 2002
,Yamazaki Keisuke(Gifu University),Ishii Ykitsugu(Gifu University),Matsui Shuichro(Gifu University),Tanaka Itsuo(Gifu University)
Environ. Control in Biol.,   41(3) 211-219   Sep 2003
,Matsui Shuichiro(Gifu-U)
41(3) 211-219   Sep 2003


Shigehiko Hayashi, Shigehiko Hayashi, Katsunobu Ganno, Yukitsugu Ishii, Itsuo Tanaka
Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly   36 163-168
The harvesting operation for eggplants is complicated and accounts for a little less than 40% of the total number of working hours. For automating the harvesting operation, an intelligent robot that can emulate the judgment of human labor is neces...
Keisuke Yamazaki, Yukitsugu Ishii, Itsuo Tanaka
Environmental Control in Biology   45 75-83
Seedlings of morning glory (Pharbitis nil) were exposed to blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with various peak wavelengths, or mixture lights of blue light and red light to confirm the spectral sensitivity to flowering. Flowering responses to the ...
On the Problem of Released Noncondensables from the Feed Seawater in MSF Desalination Plants Utilizing Waste Heat
Bulletin of Society of Sea Water Science, Japan   32(4)    1978
Studies on the Internal Characteristics of a Temperature Stratification-Type Thermal Storage Water Tank Part 1 -Temperature Stratification Process for the Case of Hot Water Input
Transactions of the Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitaly Engineers of Japan   32    1986
Experimental Study of Bubble Growth in Superheated Aqueous Solution of NaCl
Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu   13(5)    1987

Books etc

Development of a Fruit harvesting system (collaboration)
Proc. Int. Conf. on Virtual Systems and Multimedia   1995   
A universal bubble - growth equation for pure liquid and binary solutions with a non - volatile solute. (collaboration)
Proc. ASME Heat Transfer Division   1996   
Numerical simulation on soil temperature control within a ridge by circulating cold water in buried pipes during high temperature period. (collaboration)
Proc. the (]G0010[)(]G0004[) Memorial CIGR World Congress(Tsukuba)   2000   
Science&Technology   Dec 2009   

Research Grants & Projects

Local Control of Plant Environment
Light Control in Plant Production
Environment Control in Cultivation of Wasabi
Project Year: 2001