AGUSA Kiyoshi

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AGUSA Kiyoshi
Kyoto University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor,Director in General, Nagoya University Graduate School of Information Science, Granduate School of Information Science Information Engineering

Published Papers

Toshinori Osuka, Takashi Kobayashi, Noritoshi Atsumi, Junichi Mase, Shinichirou Yamamoto, Nobuyasu Suzumura, Kiyoshi Agusa
IPSJ Journal   53(2) 590-600   Feb 2012
This paper proposes a customizable coding checker "CX-Checker" which aims at improvement of maintainability and reusability of software. CX-Checker supports three type rule description such as XPath base, DOM base and wrapper API base. We introduc...
Takeshi Hamaguchi, Masahiko Sakai, Masataka Baba, Kiyoshi Agusa
4(2) 13-30   Mar 2011
We present a proving method of termination/non-termination for functional programs based on eager-evaluation with exception handling. We give a transformation of functional programs into Context-Sensitive Term Rewriting Systems (CS-TRSs). This ena...
KANEKO Nobuyuki, KUWABARA Hiroaki, YAMAMOTO Shinichiro, AGUSA Kiyoshi
26(3) 34-43   Jul 2009
KUWABARA Hiroaki, KANEKO Nobuyuki, ATSUMI Noritoshi, YAMAMOTO Shinichiro, AGUSA Kiyoshi
IPSJ Magazine   49(11) 1271-1276   Nov 2008


Kunihiro Noda, Takashi Kobayashi, Kiyoshi Agusa
IPSJ SIG Notes   2011(1) 1-10   Mar 2011
Visualizing object interactions in an execution trace as sequence diagrams is a promising techniques to help developers comprehend the behavior of objectoriented systems effectively. However, in the most cases, the reverse-engineered sequence diag...
KATO Nozomu, KOBAYASHI Takashi, AGUSA Kiyoshi
Technical report of IEICE. SS   110(458) 145-150   Feb 2011
Software system consists of software artifacts, which are source code, documents, configuration files etc. Since artifacts have internal and external dependencies, a change will cause some changes on relate artifacts. In this paper, we propose a m...
Yuji Yokoyama, Takahiro Hidaka, Shinnichiro Yamamoto, Takashi Kobayashi, Shigeharu Teshima, Kiyoshi Agusa
IPSJ SIG Notes   2010(6) 1-8   Mar 2010
The conditional compilation is usually used in multi-variant development by C language. The increase of variations often lead to a decline in readability and maintainability of its source code because variables for compilation conditions and condi...

Conference Activities & Talks

Kobayashi Takashi, Osuka Toshinori, Uehara Nobuyuki, Hirumuta Eiji, Hayashi Eiji, Mase Junichi, Yamamoto Shinichiro, Atsumi Noritoshi, Kawaguchi Naohiro, Suzumura Noboyasu, Agusa Kiyoshi
8 Mar 2010   
IPSJ Journal   15 Apr 1999   
In this paper, we propose a new control and data dependence graph for an object-oriented language. We call it Object-oriented System Dependence Graph (OSDG). OSDG shows dependence at fine grained level such as expressions, and enables to analyze c...

Research Grants & Projects

Software Reusing
Formal Specification of Software
Software Evolution
Reliable Web Application Development
Project Year: 2002   
CASE tool platform for Software Engineering
Project Year: 1990