Onda Yuichi

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Onda Yuichi
University of Tsukuba
Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences
Job title

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Jul 1992
Mar 1999
Assistant Professor, School of Agricultural Sciences, Nagoya University, School of Agricultural Sciences, Nagoya University
Apr 1999
Feb 2003
Lecturer, Institute of Geoscience, University of Tsukuba, University of Tsukuba
Mar 2003
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, University of Tsukuba
Mar 2009
Professor, University of Tsukuba


Faculty of Literature, Meiji University
Graduate School, Division of Earth Science, University of Tsukuba

Published Papers

Iwagami, Sho;Tsujimura, Maki;Onda, Yuichi;Konuma, Ryohei;Satou, Yutaro;Sakakibara, Koichi;Yoschenko, Vasyl
Journal of Hydrology   573 688-696   May 2019   [Refereed]
Sakakibara, Koichi; Iwagami, Sho; Tsujimura, Maki; Abe, Yutaka; Hada, Manami; Pun, Ishwar; Onda, Yuichi
Journal of contaminant hydrology   Epub    Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Radionuclide contamination of groundwater causes critical impacts on water resources, human lives, and ecosystems. The intrusion of radionuclides into the groundwater flow system in Fukushima, Japan, could be illuminated by determining groundwater...
Sakakibara, Koichi; Tsujimura, Maki; Iwagami, Sho; Sato, Yutaro; Nagano, Kosuke; Onda, Yuichi
HYDROLOGICAL PROCESSES   33(6) 892-904   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Miyata, Shusuke;Gomi, Takashi;Sidle, Roy C.;Hiraoka, Marino;Onda, Yuichi;Yamamoto, Kazukiyo;Nonoda, Toshiro
Science of the Total Environment   669 148-159   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
We assessed spatial distribution of infiltration capacity under forest canopies to simulate runoff processes in a steep small catchment in Japan. High resolution LiDAR data were used to assess light availability to understory vegetation, which in ...
The Japanese Forest Society Congress   127 391   2016
[in Japanese]

Books etc

恩田,裕一 (Part:Contributor, 「斜面侵食」 「ソイルクラスト」 「表面侵食」 「表面流出」 「水循環」)
築地書館   2002   
恩田,裕一 (Part:Contributor, 「はじめに」2-4,「浸透能と降下浸透の測定」24-33,「地中水の挙動と崩壊の発生」92-101,「環境同位体を用いた土壌侵食の調査法」143-150, 「地中水の湧出に伴う侵食と舟底型の谷の形成」208-216)
恩田,裕一 (Part:Contributor, 植生の回復と流出モデル検定のための水文観測)
中日新聞出版社   2000   
恩田,裕一 (Part:Contributor, 核実験の灰は語る)
日本林業技術協会   2002   
恩田,裕一 (Part:Contributor, 「斜面侵食」「ソイルクラスト」「表面侵食」「表面流出」「水循環」)

Conference Activities & Talks

土壌中の放射性セシウムの形態と深度分布の経年変化(ポスター,1-1 物質循環・動態,2017年度仙台大会)
高橋, 純子;日原, 大智;須田, 智也;田村, 憲司;恩田, 裕一
日本土壌肥料学会2017年度大会   2017   
Radioactive cesium-bearing particles in various environmental samples
栗原雄一;三浦輝;小暮敏博;山口紀子;桧垣正吾;坂口, 綾;恩田裕一;山本政儀;田中万也;神田譲太;石丸隆;高橋嘉夫
JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017   20 May 2017   
三浦輝;栗原雄一;谷口圭輔;坂口, 綾;桧垣正吾;恩田, 裕一;高橋嘉夫
JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017   20 May 2017   
放棄水田における放射性Csの深度分布と下方移行―事故直後から除染後までの経時変化―(ポスター,1-1 物質循環・動態,2016年度佐賀大会)
高橋, 純子;須田, 智也;田村, 憲司;恩田, 裕一
日本土壌肥料学会2016年度佐賀大会   2016   
Temporal change of SF6 age in spring during rainstorms in a forested headwater catchment, Fukushima, Japan
Sakakibara, Koichi;Tsujimura, Maki;Onda, Yuichi;Iwagami, S;Sato, Yutaro;Nagano, Kosuke
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017   23 Apr 2017   European Geosciences Union

Research Grants & Projects

Assess the effectiveness of soil conservation techniques for sustainable watershed management using fallout radionuclides
International Joint Research Projects
Project Year: 2003 - 2008
Development of Innovative Technologies for Increasing in Watershed Runoff and Improving River Environment by the Management Practice of Devastated Forest Plantation
Project Year: Oct 2009 - Mar 2015
eveloping a new method of sediment transport speed and erosion history in semiarid grassland
Project Year: Apr 2010 - Mar 2012
Hydro Geomorphology
Effect of Subsurface water movement on shallow landslide occurrence