INADA Toshifumi

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INADA Toshifumi
Tohoku University
Graduate School of Science
Job title
Associate Professor

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

 research assistant
associate professor
- Associate professor
 Program Officer


Graduate School, Division of Science, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

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[Ribosome as a hub for protein and mRNA quality control and gene regulation].
Inada T
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Inada T
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Inada T
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Inada T
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Inada T
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Inada T
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Upf1p stimulates proteasome-mediated degradation of the product derived from the specific nonsense-containing mRNA.
EMBO report   10 10265-1271   2009
Nucleolar structure and function regulated by a deubiquitinating enzyme USP36.
J. Cell Sci.   122 678-685.   2009


Translation of the poly(A) tail plays crucial roles in nonstop mRNA surveillance via translation repression and protein destabilization by proteasome in yeast
2007 - 2009
Molecular bases of metabolism regulation by functional noncoding RNA
2005 - 2008

Research Grants & Projects

mRNA quality control and translation regulation
Project Year: 2001