EZAKI Mitsuo

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EZAKI Mitsuo
Nagoya University
Graduate School of International Development, Department of International Development

Research Areas



Economics, Graduate School, Division of Humanities, Harvard University
Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo


Issues of Sustained Growth for China in the 21st Century -Quantitative Evaluation- (Edited, Research Report)
Nagoya University, Graduate School of International Development      2003
"Trade Liberalization and the Economy of China: A Dynamic CGE Analysis (1997-2010)" (Co-autjored with Lin Sun)
Journal of Applied Input-Output Analysis   6 37-78   2000
"Growth Accounting in China for National, Regional, and Provincial Economies : 1981-1995" (Co-authored)
Asian Economic Journal (Journal of the East Asian Economic Association), Blackwell Publishers   13(1) 39-72   1999
Comment (on Prof. Kiyoshi Abe's Paper)
(50) 31-33   1999
"Macroeconomic Analysis of CDM (Clean Development Mechanism between Japan and China)" (Co-authored)
(74)    1999

Books etc

"Applications of Interregional Input-Output Analysis to Poling Simulation"
Ichimara & Wang(eds.) Interregional Input-Output Analysis of the Chinese Economy, Ch.5, World Scientific   2003   
"The Kyoto Protocol and China-Japan Cooperation to Reduce CO 2 Emissions : A Macroeconomic Analysis of Cooperation Potential"
T. Sawa(ed.), International frameworks and Technological Strategies to Prevent Climate Change, Springer   2003   
CO2・SO2 Reduction and Enviromental Tax in China -A Simulation Andysis based on CGE Model-
Construction and Use of International Input-Output Table(IX)   1998   
"Globalization and Economic Development : The News Industrialzing Area of East Asia"
F. G. Adams and S. Ichimura (eds), East Asian Development: Will the East Asian Miracle Survive?, Prager   1998   
A Dynamic CGE Model of China and Its Applications
Construction and Use of International Input-Output Table(VIII)   1997   

Research Grants & Projects

Econometric Analysis of the East Asian Economic Development
A Multi-sector CGE Analysis of Chinese Economic Development
A Multi-sector CGE Analysis of Vietnamese Economic Development