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sugiyama masaru

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Committee Memberships

Jul 2014
 Scientific Committee of Waves and Stability of Continuous Media Scientific Committee(2004.07-now)


A Consideration on the Nonlocal Continuum Theory by Using the Kinetic Theory
Masaru Sugiyama
Bulletin of Nagoya Institute of Technology   28(5) 141-144   Apr 1976
Singular Surfaces in He3-He4 Mixtures
Masaru Sugiyama
Lett. Appl. Engng Sci.   4(5) 483-491   Apr 1977
Melting Behavior of Surfactant Adsorbed PE Single Crystals
Hiroshi Okamoto, Masaru Sugiyama and Yoshihito Ohde
Rep. Progr. Polymer Phys. Jpn.   21(5) 127-128   Apr 1978
Masaru Sugiyama and Hiroshi Okamoto
Progr. Theor. Phys.   64(6) 1945-1958   Apr 1980
Masaru Sugiyama
Progr. Theor. Phys.   64(2) 694-696   Apr 1980

Books etc

演習 振動、振動論
サイエンス社   Apr 1985   
Statistical-Mechanical Study of Wave Propagation in Crystalline Solids at Finite Temperatures
Council of Scientific Information   Apr 1994   
ローレンツ カオスのエッセンス(翻訳)
共立出版   Apr 1997   
共立出版   Apr 1999   

Conference Activities & Talks

Fluctuating hydrodynamics based on extended thermodynamics
XVI Conference on Waves and Stability in Continuous Media   2011   
Shock-induced phase transitions from gas phase to solid phase
XVI Conference on Waves and Stability in Continuous Media WASCOM 2011   2011   
Extended thermodynamics of dense gases
Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws in Extended Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory   2011   
Extended thermodynamics of dense gases
Trends in Thermodynamics and Materials Theroy   2011   

Research Grants & Projects

Continuum Mechanics
Project Year: 1973 - 1973
Nonlinear continuum mechanics
Study on Nonequilibrium Phenomena
Project Year: 1976 - 1976
Extended thermodynamics
Statistical Thermodynamics
Project Year: 1976 - 1976
Basis of nonequilibirium statistical mechanics
Nonlinear Dynamics
Project Year: 1980 - 1980
Chaos, nonlinear oscilation, nonlinear wave propagation
Microscopic Approach to Shock Waves in Solids
Project Year: 1990 - 1990
Statistical mechanical study of shock waves in solid near meltingn temperature.