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yamamoto koshi

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering, Shikumi College, Shikumi College,Graduate School of Engineering,Nagoya Institute of Technology


A System Approach to the Construction Planning of Large-Scale Earth-Moving
Proceedings of JSCE   34(227) 71-84   1974
Estimate Factor on Transport Activity of the Injured at Disaster
Proceedings of JSCE   34(243) 71-80   1975
Evaluation Method of Progress Schedule from Viewpoint of Construction Method
Proc. of 8th Meeting on Business Research, Japan Consultant Association   34(8) 3-24   1975
An Analysis of Cyclic Queues with Erlang Service Distribution
Proceedings of JSCE   (243) 71-80   1975
World Grain Trade and the Analysis of Grain Loading System in the Port Area of South America
Pro. of the 4th Pacific Regional Science Conference   34(243) 137-154   1975

Books etc

Exercises on Infrastructure Planning
Morikita Syuppan   1985   
森北出版   1985   
Handbook of Civil Engineering
Gihodo Syuppan   1989   
技報堂出版   1989   
System Analysis for Infrastructure Planning
Morikita Syuppan   1992   


Recycling of Molton Slag for Construction Material

Research Grants & Projects

Decision Making System on Development of Infrastructure
Study on Project Management System
Study on Systems Approach to Urban and Regional Planning
Study on Recycling of Surplus Soil come out from Construction Works
Recycling System of Construction Wastes