KUBO Tetsuo

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KUBO Tetsuo
The University of Tokyo
The Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(The University of Tokyo), Master of Engineering(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas



Simulation of Building Earthquake Responses by Simplified Model
Proceedings of the Eighth East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction   (1310) 000-000   2001
S-Wave Construction at Golcuk, Turkey Estimated from Array Microtremor Measurement
Proceedings of the First National Conference for Earthquake Engineering   113-113   2001
Analysis of an Ultrahigh-rise SRC Building by 3-D Nonlinear Model
Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering   109-109   2001
Seismic Performance of Moment-Resisting Reinforced Concrete Building Systems during an Intense Earthquake Ground Motion
Transactions of the 16th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology   (1115) 000-000   2001
Simulation of Strong Ground Motion at Yonago City during the 2000 Tottori-ken Seibu Earthquake
Proceedings of the 26th JSCE Earthquake Engineering Symposium   1 369-372   2001

Books etc

An Introduction to Seismic Isolation
Kajima Syuppan Kai   1996   
An Introduction to Seismic Isolation
Kajima Syuppan Kai   1996   
Encyclopedia of Building Techinical Terms
Giho-do Syuppan   1995   
AIJ Structural Design Guidelines for Reinforced Concrete Buildings (1994)
Architectural Institute of Japan   1994   
Ultimate Strength and Deflection Capacity of Buildings
Architectural Institute of Japan   1990   


Reconnaissance on Seismic Damages during the India-Napal Earthquake of August 1988
Development and Proposal of the Design Guidelines for Earthquake Resistant Reinforced Concrete Buildings Based on Ultimate Strength Concept
Investigation on Seismic Strengthening and Retrofitting Method of Existing Building Systems in China
Implementation Plan for Training Program on Earthquake Engineering and Disaster Managemaent Porgram in the Philippines
1991 - 1993
Development of New Reinforced Concrete Building Structural Systems Utilizing High Strength and High Performance Materials
1988 - 1993

Research Grants & Projects

Seismic Analysis of Ductile Reinforced Concrete Buildings during Strong Earthquake Ground Motions
Characteristics of Multi-dimensional Eartthquake Ground Motions and Responses of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Subjected to Bidirectional Ground Motions
Response Control of Building Structural System during Earthquake Ground Motions Using Active Control Devices
Development of Seismic Retrofitting Technology
Development of Seismic Design Method for High-rise R/C Buildings