Yamada Aya

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Yamada Aya
Shitennoji University

Research Areas



Construction of Home Economics Curriculum on "Concept Approach"(1)-"Structure of Knowledge"in "Home Economics Educatin ; Syllabus" of New York State
Journal of the Japan Association of Home Economics Education   27(1)    1984
Gender Perspective, Reconstruction of Curriculum Contents and Students Participation
Research Journal of Educational Methods.   21 39-47   1995
A Study of Home Economics Curriculum Development in the United States of America ; Report's A. H. E. A. , Concepts and Generalizations(1967)
The Bulletin of Japanese Curriculum Research and Development   9(1)    1984
Sex Equity in Vocational Education in New York State (I) : Sex Equity Activities and Accompliohments in the 1970's
17 241-252   1993
Sex Equity in Vocational Education in New York State (II) : Activities in New York State Occupational Education Equity Center in the 1980's
24 27-40   1993

Books etc

Gender Equity in Home Economics Education : Gender Equity project in New York City
Home Economics Education for Boys and Girls   1993   
Aya YAMADA, , "School and Gender/Sexual Politics," , Jun KOYASU, Aya YAMADA, and Toshiro YAMAMOTO, eds., School and Politics: Neo-democracy education , 89-115
Osaka: Forum・A   2004   

Research Grants & Projects

Action Research in classroom for equity
Teacher education in Sweden
Study on Lesson planning of home economics education and cross curriculum