AJIKI Kazuhiro

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AJIKI Kazuhiro
Mie University
Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics, Department of Humanities
Job title
Master of Science(Tohoku University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Mie University, Lecturer
- Mie University, Associate Professor


Geography, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University
Geography, Faculty of Science, Tohoku University


The Daily Behavior of People in a Heavy-Snow Mountain village-A case Study of Oisawa in Nishikawa-machi, Yamagata Prefecture-
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Books etc

Environmental Change in Coastal Zone and its Effects on the Lives of Local People -Case Study of Java Island, Indonesia-(共著)
Global Environment and Friendly Energy Technology 1994 (Mie Academic Press)   1994   
The Utiliization and Destruction of Mangrove Forests - Who Gets Advantage ? Who Suffers Diadvantage ? -
Humid Tropical Environment (Asakura-Shoten)   1995   
On the Relationships between Mangrove Forests and Local People in Southeast Asia
Asia with Hopes and Sufferings (Mie Academic Press)   1997   
On Agriculture and Dietary Life in the Tropics -Example of Rural Village in the Philippines-
Textbook of Dietary Life and Agriculture (Mie Academic Press)   1998   
Mangrove Habitat Dynamics and Human Relation
Kokon-shoin   2003   
Destruction of Mangrove Forests and Local Village Life
'Introduction to Study on Contemporary Southeast Asia' Kokon-Shoin   2003   
Socio-economic study of the Utilization of Mangrove Forests in Southeast Asia
'Mangrove Management and Conservation' UNU Press   2004   


Survey on Destruction of Mangrove Forest in the Philippines
Survey on Utilization of Forest in the Philippines
Survey on Agriculture Management in Nigeria
Survey on Land Use Patterns in Rural Area in Indonesia
Survey on Production System of Rootcrops in the Philippines

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the Development Strategy of Rural Area
Study on Socio-economic Structure in Mountain Villages of Japan
Project Year: 1983   
Study on Utilization and Conservation of Mangrove Forests in Southeast Asia
Project Year: 1987