SHIGETA Masayoshi

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SHIGETA Masayoshi
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Division of African Area Studies
Doctor of Agriculture

Research Areas


Published Papers

Farmers' initiatives on in-situ conservation and domestication of Ensete in southwestern Ethiopia
M Shigeta
コロキアム      [Refereed]
毎日グラフ, 12月16日号, pp. 3-15 (吉田憲司, 栗本英世と共著) 1979      1979   [Refereed]
国立民族学博物館共同研究会『農耕と牧畜社会の生活様式の比較民族学的研究-用具論から象徴論まで』, 於国立民族学博物館 1988      1988   [Refereed]
熱帯農学フォーラム, 第12号, 4-8 1989      1989   [Refereed]
Folk In-Situ Conservation of Ensete [Ensete ventricosum (Welw.) E.E. Cheesman]: Toward the Interpretation of Indigenous Agricultural Science of the Ari, Sowthwestern Ethiopia
SHIGETA, Masayoshi
African Study Monographs   10(3) 93-107   Feb 1990   [Refereed]


第4回アフリカセンター公開シンポジウム『アフリカ農業の問題点』, 於京大会館 1988      1988   [Refereed]
Two Cultural Complexes Associated with the Folk Classification of Cultivated Plants : Omotic Ari Southwestern Ethiopia
重田 眞義
Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa Univ.,      1991   [Refereed]
Diversity of food among the Ari, ensete cultivators
M Shigeta
Poster presentation, UNESCO International Symposium, Food and Nutrition in the Tropical Forest: Biocultural Interactions and Application to Development, Paris, Sep. 10-13, 1991. (Abstract, p.70)      1991   [Refereed]
Creating landrace diversity: The case of the Ari people and ensete (Ensete ventricosum) in Ethiopia
M Shigeta
Paper presented at the MOA international symposium 1992, “Beyond Nature and Culture: Cognition, Ecology and Domestication, ” Kyoto and Atami, Mar. 16-24, 1992.      1992   [Refereed]
Culture and ecology of the Ari-ensete relationships: Folk classification and conservation of ensete
M Shigeta
Paper presented at the planning session for “An International Workshop on enset.” Florida, Oct 23-25, 1992.      1992   [Refereed]

Books etc

Conservation of Ensete Folk Landraces in Southwestern Ethiopia
重田 眞義
,   1991   
重田眞義 (Part:Joint Translation)
C.エーレト著, 『ユネスコ・アフリカの歴史, 第4巻下(19章)』 宮本正興日本語版責任編集, 同朋社, pp. 698-722 1992   1992   
Creation of Crop Varieties and the Maintenance of Diversity through Person-plant Relationships
重田 眞義
,   1995   
Ethiopia in Broader Perspective
重田 眞義
Shokado Books Co. Ltd.,3   1997   
Essence of indigenous sustainability and diversity : Ensete system
重田 眞義
Ethiopia in Broader Perspective,3/,883-892   1997   


Ethno-botanical field research in Ari area, southwestern Ethiopia.
1986 - 1987
Study on the genetic variation of finger millet landraces in Kenya
1981 - 1983
Ethno-botanical field research in Acholi area, southern Sudan.
Research on the sustainable livelihood system in souther western Ethiopia
1991 - 1999
Research cooperation for the establishment of rural development Center in Tanzania

Research Grants & Projects

Person-Plant Synbiotic relationships in Africa
Indigenous Knowledge and technology of useful plant utilization in S. W. Ethiopia
Development and Utilization of Ensete in Ethiopia