HATA Yasuo

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HATA Yasuo
Kyoto University
Institute for Chemical Research, Institute for Chemical Research Advanced Research Center for Beam Science
Job title
Doctor of Science(Osaka University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Research Assciate, Institute for Protein
Research, Osaka University
Associate Professor, Institute for chemical
Research, Kyoto University
- Professor, Institute for chemical Research,


Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Osaka University
Faculty of Science, Osaka University

Published Papers

Structure of bonito heart ferricytochrome c and some remarks on molecular interaction in its crystalline state
Y. Matsuura; Y. Hata; T. Yamaguchi; N. Tanaka; M. Kakudo
Journal of Biochemistry   85(3) 729-737   1979   [Refereed]
Low resolution crystal structure of lipase from Geotrichum candidum (ATCC34614)
Y. Hata; Y. Matsuura; N. Tanaka; M. Kakudo; A. Sugihara; M. Iwai; Y. Tsujisaka
Journal of Biochemistry   86(6) 1821-1827   1979   [Refereed]
Y. Naya; K. Yoshihara; T. Iwashita; H. Komura; K. Nakanishi; Y. Hata
Journal of the American Chemical Society   103(23) 7009-7011   1981   [Refereed]
H. Ochi; Y. Hata; N. Tanaka; M. Kakudo; T. Sakurai; S. Aihara; Y. Morita; R. Huber
Journal of Molecular Biology   166(3) 407-418   1983   [Refereed]
Preliminary X-ray studies on Serratia protease
Y. Katsuya; K. Hamada; Y. Hata; N. Tanaka; M. Sato; Y. Katsube; K. Kakiuchi; K. Miyata
Journal of Biochemistry   98(4) 1139-1142   1985   [Refereed]
Crystal structures of modified myoglobins. I. Heme orientation and structural changes around heme in myoglobins reconstituted with isopemptoheme, pemptoheme, 2-ethyldeuteroheme, and 4-ethyldeuteroheme
K. Miki; Yasuaki; M. Yukawa; A. Owatari; Y. Hato; S. Harada; Y. Kai; N. Kasai; Y. Hata; N. Tanaka; M. Kakudo; Y. Katsube; K. Kawabe; Z.-I. Yoshtoa; H. Ogoshi
Journal of Biochemistry   100(2) 269-276   1986   [Refereed]
H. Moriyama; Y. Hata; H. Yamaguchi; M. Sato; A. Shinmyo; N. Tanaka; H. Okada; Y. Katsube
Journal of Molecular Biology   193(1) 237-238   1987   [Refereed]
K. Maeda; M. Sato; Y. Kato; N. Tanaka; Y. Hata; Y. Katsube; H. Matsubara
Journal of Molecular Biology   193(4) 825-826   1987   [Refereed]
H. Kato; H. Yamaguchi; Y. Hata; T. Nishioka; Y. Katsube; J. Oda
Journal of Molecular Biology   209(3) 503-504   Oct 1989   [Refereed]
K. Watanabe; K. Kitamura; Y. Hata; Y. Katsube; Y. Suzuki
FEBS Letters   290(1-2) 221-223   1991   [Refereed]


Structure and Inhibition Mode of Protein Ic in Complexed withCarboxypeptidase Y
Y. Hata ,M. Hayashida, T. Fujii, J. Mima, R. Hayashi, M. Ueda
IUCr ,Florence, Italy      Aug 2005   [Refereed]
Structural Features of Psychrophilic Malate Dehydrogenase Adapting to the Extreme Environment
Y. Hata ,T. Fujii, T. Oikawa, K. Soda
AsCA ,Taipei, Taiwan      Nov 2007   [Refereed]
A Psychrophilic Tetrameric Malate Dehydrogenase Has No Intersubunit Ion-pairs
Hata Y., Fujii T., Oikawa T., Soda K.
Abstract of ABA Symposium      2009   [Refereed]

Books etc

Estimation of Xylanase Active Site from Crystalline Structure
畑 安雄
Protein Engineering-Protein Design in Basic Research, Medicine, and Industry,   1990   
Three-dimensional Structures of Cellulases and Xylanases
畑 安雄
,/,350-359   2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

Structure and Inhibition Mode of Protein Ic in Complexed withCarboxypeptidase Y
IUCr   26 Aug 2005   Florence, Italy
Structural Features of Psychrophilic Malate Dehydrogenase Adapting to the Extreme Environment
AsCA   6 Nov 2007   Taipei, Taiwan
レゾルシノール代謝系酵素群の機能発現に関する構造基盤研究 [Invited]
HATA Yasuo
第37回蛋白質と酵素の構造と機能に関する九州シンポジウム   26 Sep 2013   
酵素分子の形から代謝の仕組みを探る ― 構造生物学への誘い ― [Invited]
HATA Yasuo
京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科公開講座   5 Oct 2013   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Structure-Function Relationship of Proteins
Structural Study on Thermostabilization Mechanism of Proteins
Structural Study on Interactions between Protein Molecules