OKADA Atsumi

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OKADA Atsumi
Job title
Professor Emeritas (Kyoto University)
M.A.(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Education, Graduate School, Division of Education, Kyoto University
Education, Faculty of Education, Kyoto University


Th. Elyot's "Governour-Gentleman" Ideal and Humanism : The Birth of Modern English 'homo politicus'
Kyoto Univ. Research Studies in Education   11    1965
Thomas More's "Utopia" and Humanism : In Relation to the Birth of 'Gentleman Ideal'-
Machikaneyama Ronso, The Faculty of Letters, Osaka Univ.   1, 175-236    1967
R. H. Tawney's Philosophy of "Adult Education" : A Preliminary Study on "Equality in Education"
Machikaneyama Ronso, The Faculty of Letters, Osaka Univ.   3, 87-113    1969
English Public Schools as the "Equality" Problem
Bulletin, The Faculty of Human Sciences, Osaka Univ.   1, 287-331    1975
Erasmus and his 'Christian Humanism' : Viewed from History of English Education
Kyoty Univ. Research Studies in Education   28, 73-100    1982

Books etc

Great Educational Thinkers in the West
Academia Publishing Co. Ltd.   1989   
NEA, Schools for the Sixties
Reimei Publishing Co. Ltd.   1965   
O.F. Bollnow, Paedagogische Atmosphaere
Reimei Publishing Co. Ltd.   1969   
M.J. Langeveld, Considerations on Education and Human Being
Tamagawa Univ. Press   1974   
M. J. Langeveld, Re-considerations on Education and Human Being
Tamagawa Univ. Press   1976   

Research Grants & Projects

Ideal and Education of English Gentleman - a Historical Approach
Project Year: 1955   
Geschichte der Deutschen Bildung : insbesondere im Neuhumanismus
Project Year: 1957   
Theorie der Menschenbildung -Zum Umbau der Paedagogik
Project Year: 1985