UE Masaaki

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UE Masaaki
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Science
Job title
Doctor of Science(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Published Papers

Some remarks on Dehn surgery along graph knots
上 正明
Journal of the Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo. Sect. 1 A, Mathematics   30(2) 333-352   Dec 1983   [Refereed]
Resolutions of certain generalized 4-manifolds
上 正明
Journal of the Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo. Sect. 1 A, Mathematics   30(3) 563-578   Feb 1984   [Refereed]
Splitting singular fibers in good torus fibrations
上 正明
Journal of the Faculty of Science, the University of Tokyo. Sect. 1 A, Mathematics   32(2) 165-204   Sep 1985   [Refereed]
M. Ue
Inventiones Mathematicae   84(3) 633-643   1986   [Refereed]
JOURNAL OF THE MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN   42(3) 511-540   Jul 1990   [Refereed]


On the diffeomorphism types of elliptic surfaces
上 正明
Proceedings of tye Japan Academy,61/7      1985   [Refereed]
Exotic group actions in dimension four and Seiberg-Witten theory
M. Ue
Proceedings of the Japan Academy Series A: Mathematical Sciences   74(4) 68-70   Apr 1998   [Refereed]

Books etc

On the 4-dimensional Seifert fiberings with euclidean dose orbifolds(in A Fete of Topology)
上 正明
Academic Press,   1988   
On the decompositions of elliptic surfaces (in Knots 90, Proceedings of the International Conference on Knot Theory and Related Topics)
上 正明
Walter de Gruyter,   1992   
On the deformations of the geometric structures on the Seifert 4-manifolds
上 正明
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 20, Academic Press,   1992   
On the smooth structures on elliptic surfaces and exotic free actions
上 正明
Topology, Geometry and Field theory, World Scientific,   1994   

Conference Activities & Talks

The mu-bar invariants and the eta invariants for Seifert rational homology 3-spheres [Invited]
UE Masaaki
Workshop and Conference on the Topology and invariants of Smooth 4-manifolds   5 Aug 2013   
The mubar invariants, the eta invarants and Ozsvath-Szabo's crrection terms for Seifert rational homology 3-spheres
研究集会「4次元トポロジー」   16 Nov 2012   広島大学

Research Grants & Projects

Topology of low dimensional manifolds