SAITO Hiroshi

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SAITO Hiroshi
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Science
Doctor of Science

Research Interests


Research Areas



A generalization of Gauss sums and its applications to Siegel modular forms and L functions associated with vector space of quaolratic forms
J. reine angew Math   416    1991
On a decomposition of spaces of cusp forms and trace formula of Heckc operators
Nagoya Math. J.   80    1982
On the represcntability of modular forms by theta series
Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebras, in honor of Yasuo Akizuki      1975
On the representation of SL2(Fg) in the space of Hilbert modulay forms
J. Math Kyoto Univ.   15(1)    1977
Trace formula of certain Hecke operator for To(qγ)
Nagoya Math. J.   76    1981

Books etc

Automorphic forms and algebraic extensions of number fields
Kinokuniya   1977   

Research Grants & Projects

Automorphic representation