KATO Mikiro

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KATO Mikiro
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Department of Human Coexistence
Master of Literature, Doctor(University of Kyoto)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Literature and Linguistics, University of Tsukuba
Second Cluster of College, University of Tsukuba

Published Papers

Systematic revision of the subgenus Luchuhadra
M. Kato
(Pulmonata: Camaenidae: Satsuma) occurring in the central Ryukyu Archipelago. Venus, 65,291-297      [Refereed]
Mirror Maze or the Problem of Film and Novel
加藤 幹郎
the Rising Generation,134/5      1988
When a Comedy Film Maker Shoots a Propaganda Film
加藤 幹郎
Subaru,12/10      1991
Lessons of Cinema History
加藤 幹郎
La r(]E85EE[)vve de la p(]E85EE[)nse d'aujoudui,11      1992
Geneology of Swashbuckler Films
加藤 幹郎
Subaru,13/7      1992


Textal Dynamics in Beckett's Molloy
加藤 幹郎
Symposium,1/1      1982
The Three Levels of Voice in Ulysses
加藤 幹郎
Otsuka Review,20      1984   [Refereed]
The Enigmas in Ulysses
加藤 幹郎
English Studies of Japan,LX3/2      1986   [Refereed]
History of Movie Theaters and Spectators in Kyoto City
加藤 幹郎
Iconics,/55,44-58      1995   [Refereed]
"Seeing Holocaust Films"
加藤 幹郎
Iconics,4/,75-86      1998   [Refereed]

Books etc

Reception of Literature
加藤 幹郎
,   May 1985   
The Melodramatic Imagination of Cinema
加藤 幹郎
,   Jan 1988   
Rhetoric of Love and Coincidence
加藤 幹郎
,   May 1990   
Mirror Maze : An Introduction to Film Taxnomy
加藤 幹郎
Misuzu Shobo,178   Jul 1993   
Kyoto Cinemap
加藤 幹郎
,/,1-136   Sep 1994   

Conference Activities & Talks

アメリカ映画作家パネル   20 Mar 1994   京都文化博物館(京都アメリカン・センター共催)
“Mizoguchi Kenji’s ‘Tale of Late Chrysanthemums’ and Japanese Cinema”
Center for Japanese Studies   1 Apr 1999   University of Michigan
Textual Analysis of Mizoguchi Kenji's Films
Cinema Studies   22 Apr 1999   University of Wisconsi, Madison
“On ‘Blade Runner’”
Center for Japanese Studies   16 Jan 2003   University of Michigan

Research Grants & Projects

Hollywood Film History
Japanese Film History
Research on Japanese Cinema Studies
Research on Japanese Annimation Studies