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Kyoto University
School of Medicine
Job title
Professor of Policy Science
Master of Arts(University of Hawaii (East-West Center, USA)), Doctor of Philosophy(University of Hawaii (East-West Center, USA))

Research Areas



Comparative (East-West) Philosophy, Graduate School, Division of Philosophy, University of Hawaii (East-West Center)
Religion and Philosophy, Faculty of Literature, Principia College

Awards & Honors

Aug 2018
Honorary Doctorate in Psychology, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

Published Papers

Ryusuke Miki, Carl B. Becker, Kazuki Ide, Koji Kawakami
Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics   79 83   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Kazuko Hiyoshi-Taniguchi, Carl B. Becker, Ayae Kinoshita
Clinical Gerontologist   41(3) 1-6   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Supporting Patient and Family Decision-Making at End of Life
Okinaga Takako, BECKER Carl, et al.
Life Science   26(2)    2016   [Refereed]
Shisei Tei, Carl Becker, Genichi Sugihara, Ryosaku Kawada, Junya Fujino, Takashi Sozu, Toshiya Murai, Hidehiko Takahashi
Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences   69(1-2) 123-124   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
NDEs and the Brain
Carl Becker
Mind-Body Science   (25) 24-27   2015   [Refereed]
S.Tei, C. Becker, et al.
Nature: Translational Psychiatry   34    Jun 2014   [Refereed]
Why Study Classics in a Global Age?
台湾大學人文社会高等研究院訊   4 7-9   Apr 2014   [Refereed][Invited]
Bereavement Life Review Improves Families’ Spiritual Well-Being and Depression
Michiyo Ando, Felicia Marquez-Wong, Gary Simon, Haruko Kira, Carl Becker
Palliative and Supportive Care   2 1-7   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
Carl Becker, Barbara Monroe, Elizabeth Clark, Patrice O'Connor, Lynne A. Despelder, David Oliviere, John Dawes, Marilyn Relf, John Ellershaw, John Rosenberg, Glennys Howarth, Louise Rowling, Allan Kellehear, Phyllis R. Silverman, Phyllis R. Silverman, Suresh Kumar, Diana J. Wilkie
Omega (United States)   69(4) 401-420   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
© 2014, Baywood Pub lish ing Co., Inc. The current systems of care for dying persons, the people caring for them, and the bereaved operate in ways that frequently lack sufficient sensitivity to their needs. We describe a new model for dying, death...
Taniyama R.Y, Becker C.B.
Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work   33(1) 49-60   2014   [Refereed]
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Neuroethics, Bioethics, and Health.
Becker, Carl
Journal of Philosophy and Ethics in Health Care and Medicine, 5, 5-38.      2011   [Refereed]
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Journal of Near-Death Studies   15(1) 18-28   2011   [Refereed]
“Amida in Buddhist Tradition and Japanese Experience.”
Becker, Carl.
The Pure Land 24, Dec, 79-87      2008   [Refereed]
C. Becker
Bioethics   13(3-4) 236-243   Jul 1999   [Refereed]
Becker Carl
Mortality   1(3) 213–214   1998   [Refereed]
C. Becker
Drug Information Journal   31(4) 1089-1096   1997   [Refereed]
C. Becker; D. Macer; M. Morioka
Nichibunken newsletter = Nihon Bunka / International Research Center for Japanese Studies   No. 18 1-12   Jun 1994   [Refereed]
Becker C.B.
Religion   20(3) 199-215   1990   [Refereed]
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C.B. Becker
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C.B. Becker
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C.B. Becker
International Journal of Intercultural Relations   10(1) 75-92   1986   [Refereed]


中嶋 文子, 赤澤 千春, 近藤 恵, ベッカー カール
椙山女学園大学看護学研究   9 1-13   Mar 2017
ベッカー カール
いのちの未来 = The Future of Life   1 1-1   Jan 2016
糸島 陽子, 奥津 文子, 荒川 千登世, 本田 可奈子, 大門 裕子, 前川 直美, 霜田 求, ベッカー カール
人間看護学研究   (12) 25-32   Mar 2014
背景 看取りのほとんどが一般病棟で行われているにもかかわらず、日本では看護学基礎教育においてエンドオブライフ教育が十分に行われているとは言えない。 目的 新卒看護師とその所属師長のエンドオブライフに対する教育ニーズを明らかにする。 方法 所属大学の倫理委員会の承認後、独立行政法人福祉医療機構データベース(WEB版)から無作為に抽出した新卒看護師400名とその所属師長400名に、郵送法による質問紙調査を実施した。 結果 新卒看護師は、患者・家族とのコミュニケーションや自分自身の感情のコントロ...
Michiyo Ando, Felicia Marquez-Wong, Gary B. Simon, Haruko Kira, Carl Becker
Palliative and Supportive Care   13 319-325   Oct 2013
Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2014. Objective: The aim of our study was to investigate the utility of bereavement life review (BLR) to elevate spiritual well-being and alleviate depression among Hawaiian-American caregivers, and to identi...
皮膚疾患の近未来治療 日本の医療に不足しているもの
Becker Carl
日本皮膚科学会雑誌   123(5) 683-683   Apr 2013

Books etc

Making Decisions in End of Life Care (DVD)
BECKER Carl (Part:Joint Editor)
Shiga Prefectural University   Jul 2017   
Japanese Environmental Philosophy
James McRae and Baird Callicott (Part:Contributor, Foreword: Back to the Future?)
NY: Oxford University Press   Apr 2017   ISBN:9780190456337
"Spirituality" in Encyclopedia of Global Bioethics
Springer   Apr 2014   ISBN:978-3319055442
American and English Ideals
Carl Becker
Eihosha   Jan 2012   ISBN:978-4269130081
「Challenges of Caring for the Aging and Dying」in『Buddhist Care for the Dying and Bereaved』、Ed. Jonathan Watts & Yoshiharu Tomatsu,19-36
Wisdom Press   2012   
American and English Ideals, Revised Ed, 131pp.
Carl Becker
英宝社   2012   
『JAPAN'S WISDOM How lt Can Save the Future』110 pp
Carl Becker
英宝社   2011   
“Aging, Dying, and Bereavement in Contemporary Japan” [in Slovenian], Zivljenje, smrt in umiranje v medkulturni perspektivi. Ed. Maja Milcinski
Carl Becker
Lubljana, Slovenia: Razprave Filozofska Fakulteta, 29-40.   2011   
“Economy and the Environment: How to Get What We Want,” In: Sumi, A., Fukushi, K., & Hiramatsu, A. (Eds.), Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Climate Change
Carl Becker
Springer, Tokyo/Berlin, 157-167.   2010   
Seoul: Hanul Publishing Company   2010   
“Embracing the Pure Land Vision,” In: Watts, J., and Tomatsu, Y. (Eds.), Never Die Alone
Carl Becker
Jodo Shu Press, Tokyo, 57-90.   2008   
Seoul: Thinking Baeksung Publishing   2007   
Time for Healing: Integrating Traditional Therapies With Scientific Medical Practice
St. Paul, MN: Paragon House   2003   
Asian and Jungian Views of Ethics
Greenwood: Westport   2000   

Conference Activities & Talks

Carl Becker
NHK京都教室   15 Jun 2015   ja
Carl Becker
専立寺、福岡市   23 May 2015   専立寺、福岡市
Carl Becker
天理医療大学   9 May 2015   天理医療大学
Carl Becker
京都新聞   19 Feb 2015   en
Carl Becker
いのちの電話の会   8 Feb 2015   ja


Study of the Structure of Buddhist Nursing Care
1997 - 2000
Conparison of Japanese and European Images of Rebirth

Research Grants & Projects

Japanese Hospices and Terminal Care
Japanese Medical Ethics
Project Year: 2000   
Study of the Structure of Buddhist Nursing Care
Project Year: 2000   
Death Education (Thanatology)
Project Year: 2002