OKADA Tomohiro

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OKADA Tomohiro
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Economics, Department of Economics
Doctor of Economics(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Economics, Kyoto University
Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University

Published Papers

岡田 知弘
社会教育学研究   53(1) 27-29   2017   [Invited]
Regional Economies and Agriculture under the Great Depression in 1990S
岡田 知弘
Journal of the Rural Issues,/48,2-12      2001   [Refereed]
The Structural Change of Regional Economies under the Great Depression in 1990s
岡田 知弘
,/167,14-24      2000   [Refereed]
The role of Agriculture and the direction of Regional Industrial Development
岡田 知弘
Journal of Rural Problem,32/3,10-19      1996   [Refereed]
Formation of the Seaside Industrial Area at Yokkaichi in the Prewar Period
岡田 知弘
The Economic Review,158/6,121-144      1996   [Refereed]
The Change of Regional Labor Market and Structure of Occupation under Recession
岡田 知弘
The Research and Study,7/,4-44      1994   [Refereed]
Japan capitalism and Region in the latter half of 1980s
岡田 知弘
Economy,347,106-123      1993   [Refereed]
THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN JAPAN-On the Public Works Program for Relief to Farmers in 1930s-
Okada Tomohiro
Kyoto University Economic Review   61(2) 29-48   Oct 1991   [Refereed]
The Change of the Structure of Occupation and Employment in the Tight Labor Market Prefecture, Gifu, the latter half of 1980s'
岡田 知弘
The Regional Economic Review of Gifu College of Economics,10/,33-62      1990   [Refereed]
The Nutation of Land Problem in 1940s and Reconstruction of the Countryside
岡田 知弘
The Regional Economic Review of Gifu College of Economics,8/,37-76      1988   [Refereed]
Formation of the National Land Planning in Japan
岡田 知弘
The Journal of Gifu College of Economics,22/2-3,57-84      1988   [Refereed]
'Structural Theory' and 'Development Theory' of Regional Economy
岡田 知弘
The Regional Economic Review of Gifu College of Economics,7/,29-60      1987   [Refereed]
Development of Power Resources and a Mountain Village
岡田 知弘
The Regional Economic Review of Gifu College of Economics,6/,61-85      1986   [Refereed]
'T(]E87C7[)hoku Shink(]E87C7[) Jigy(]E87C7[)', its Plan and Practice : Regional Development Policies during the 15 Years War
岡田 知弘
Journal of Historical Studies,537/,16-34      1985   [Refereed]
National Land Development and Land Problem before and during the Second World War
岡田 知弘
Journal of Japanese History,271/,159-182      1985   [Refereed]
Economic Problems Associated with Atomic Power Station
岡田 知弘
Research on Environmental Disruption,14/1,47-55      1984   [Refereed]


岡田 知弘
歴史学研究   (948) 22-25   Sep 2016
岡田 知弘
農業問題研究 = Journal of the rural issues   47(1) 4-13   Dec 2015
岡田 知弘
学術の動向 : SCJフォーラム = Trends in the sciences : SCJ Forum   18(10) 9-13   Oct 2013
OKADA Tomohiro
Journal of Rural Problems   48(3) 355-364   Dec 2012
The objective of this paper is to show the prospects and issues on rebuilding affected local societies based on the concept of intraregional economic circulation after elucidating the social structure of damages caused by the Eastern Japan Earthqu...

Books etc

Japan Capitalism and Rural Development
岡田 知弘
,/,1-304   1989   
Reader about the trade in Japan
岡田 知弘
,/,150-167   1992   
City and People
岡田 知弘
,/,196-214   1993   
The Airport Plan toward Internationalization
岡田 知弘
,/,193-204   1993   
The conversion and fusion of the Modern World Economy
岡田 知弘
,/,87-111   1993   


Research on the Regional Economy with Advanced Industry
Research on the Change of Industrial Structure in Localization Industrial City
Research on the Regional Spread Effect of Agrarian Road
Research on the maintenance of manpower for the Promotion of the Regional Economy
Research on the Regional Development Strategy of the Gifu Prefecture

Research Grants & Projects

Rural Development in Japan
Project Year: 1978   
Regional Economy under Industrial Reorganization
Project Year: 1978   
Agribusiness and Local Economy
Project Year: 1985