SASSA Koichi

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SASSA Koichi
Geosystem Research Institute
Job title
Professor Emeritus(Kyoto University),Others,Representative Directer
-(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kyoto University
Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University


Dynamic Stresses Induced within Rock in Case of Blasting with One Free Face
Transactions of the Society of Mining Engineer   235    1966
Coupling and Stress Waves in close Proximity to Surface Explosions
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences   4(2)    1967
Suggested Methods for Seismic Testing within and between Boreholes
International Jour. of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences   25(6) 447-472   1988
Toshiki WATANABE, Koichi SASSA
Jour. of the Mining and Material Processing Institute of Japan   106(6) 331-335   1990
Toshiki WATANABE, Koichi SASSA
Jour. the Mining and Material Processing Institute of Japan   107(13) 953-958   1991

Books etc

Improvement in the Accuracy of Seismic Tomography by use of an Effective Ray-tracing Algorithm
MMIJ/IMM Joint Symposium   1989   
Advantageous Use of AIC in Seismic Tomography Analysis
Geotomography Vol. 1   1990   
Monitoring the Stability of Rock Structures by Means of Acoustic Wave Attenuation
Proceedings of 4th Congress of International Society for Rock Mechanics   1979   
On the Relation between the Strength of a Rock and the Pattern of Breakage by blasting
Advances in Rock Mechanics (Proc. of 3rd ISRM Congress)   1974   
Geophysial Testing for Rock Engineering
Comprehensive Rock Engineering, Pargamon Press   1993   


Studies on the Effect of Earthquake on Underground Openings
Studies on the application of Geophysics to Rock Engineering

Research Grants & Projects

Improvement in the Accuracy of Geophysical Prospecting
Geotechnical Interpretation of Geophysically Measured Information
Mechanisum of Rock Bleakage by Blasting