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Former Institution / Organization The University of Shiga Prefecture School of Environmental Science Department of Environmental Planning

Research Areas



Fundamental Study on Seismic Hazard Estimation of Various Types of Structures in Urban Area(2)
Annuals of the disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University   32B-1    1989
Random Response of Inelastic Space Structures Subjected to Bi-Directional Ground motion
Bulletin of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University   38(338)    1988
On the Aseismic Safety of Space Structures under Bi-Directional Ground Motion
Proc. 9th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering   IV    1984
Earthquake Response of Framed Structures Having Aseismic Elements Part2
Transactions of the Architectural Institute of Japan   286    1979

Books etc

Optimum Earthquake Resistant Design of Plane Frame Structures with Elasto-Plastic Beam.
Computational mechanics in Structural Engineering Edited by F. Y. Cheng and Z. Fu elsevier Applied Science   1992   
Building and Indoor Damage Dome by the 15 January 1993 Kushiro-oki Earthq.
Proc. of 3rd ROC and Japan Joint Seminar on Natural Hazards Mitigation   1993   
Earthquake Response analysis of Masonry Buildings in the City of Shanghai
Natural Hazard Reduction and Mitigation in the East Asia, Part 3, Seismic Risk Assessment of Urban Facilities in a Sedimentary Region, DPRI, Kyoto University   1994   
Damage of wood houses
Preliminary reconnaissance report of the 1995 Hyogoken nanbu earthquake, Archi. Inst. Japan   1995   
Study on the 1995 Hyogoken-nanbu earthquake and the damage done by the earthquake
Research report on natural disasters, supported by the Japanese Ministry of education, science and culture   1995   


Damage Survey on the 21 August 1988 Earthquake in the Nepal-India Border Regard
Cooperative Research on Prediction and Prevention of Natural Disaster in East Asia
1991 - 1993
Damage Survey on the 1978 Miyagi-oki Earthquake
Reconnaissance Report on the 15 January 1993 Kushiro-oki Earthquake
Summary of Building Damage Dome by the 1993 Kushiro-oki Earthquake

Research Grants & Projects

Multi-Dimensional Behavior of Building Structures Subjected to Multi-Components of Ground Motion
Urban Seismic Planning