TODA Mikito

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TODA Mikito
Nara Women's University
Job title
(BLANK)(Kyoto University)
Other affiliation
Nara Women's UniversityNara Women's UniversityNara Women's University

Research Areas



Physics, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Kyoto University
Physical technology, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

ADACI Satoshi, KUBOTANI Hiroto, TODA Mikito
Journal of Physics A   52(40) 405304-1-405304-12   2019   [Refereed]
TODA Mikito, Hiroshi Teramoto, Kenji Kondo, Shyuichi Izumiya, Mikito Toda, and Tamiki Komatsuzaki
Journal of Mathematical Physics   58 073502-1-073502-39   2017   [Refereed]
TODA Mikito, Hiroshi Teramoto, Mikito Toda, Tamiki Komatsuzaki
Nonlinearity   28 2677–2698   2015   [Refereed]
TODA Mikito, Hiroshi Teramoto, Mikito Toda, Masahiko Takahashi, Hirohiko Kono, and Tamiki Komatsuzaki
Physical Review Letters   115 093003(5 pages)   2015   [Refereed]
TODA Mikito, Hiroshi Teramoto · Mikito Toda · Tamiki Komatsuzaki
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts   133 1571 (15 pages)   2014   [Refereed]


Characteristics of Language Usage in Inquires Asked to an Online Help Desk
TODA Mikito, H. Adachi and M. Toda
Big Data and Data Mining 2017   422-429   2017
A coarse graining method to extract cooperative modes of water molecules
TODA Mikito, Hiroshi Teramoto, Mikito Toda and Tamiki Komatsuzaki
Advances in Science, Technology and Environmentology      2015
A network structure of emotional interactions in an electronic bulletin board
TODA Mikito, Haruka Adachi, Mikito Toda
Proceeding of Social Modeling and Simulations + Econophysics Colloquium 2014   311-322   2015
TODA Mikito, Hiroshi Teramoto, Mikito Toda and Tamiki Komatsuzaki
AIP Conf. Proc.   1702 090042 (4 pages)   2015
Time series analysis of molecular dynamics simulation using wavelet
TODA Mikito
PROCEEDINGS OF THE 8th International Summer School/Conference LET'S FACE CHAOS THROUGH NONLINEAR DYNAMICS   1468 367-374   2012
Ergodic Problems for Real Complex Systems in Chemical Physics
TODA Mikito, Tamiki Komatsuzaki, Akinori Baba, Shinnosuke Kawai, Mikito Toda, John E. Straub, R. Stephen Berry
Advances in Chemical Physics   145 171-220   2011
Dynamical Reaction Theory based on Geometric Structures in Phase Space
TODA Mikito, Shinnosuke Kawai, Hiroshi Teramoto, Chun-Biu Li, Tamiki Komatsuzaki, Mikito Toda
Advances in Chemical Physics   145 123-169   2011
Non-Brownian Phase Space Dynamics of Molecules, the Nature of their Vibrational States, and non-RRKM Kinetics
TODA Mikito, David M. Leitner, Akira Shojiguchi, Mikito Toda, Yasuhiro Matsunaga, Chin-Biu Li, and Tamiki Komatsuzaki
Advances in Chemical Physics   145 83-122   2011
Clustering the Temporal Sequences Feature of 3D Protein Structure
TODA Mikito, Mayumi Kamada*, Sachi Kimura, Mikito Toda, Masami Takata, Kazuki Joe
Proceeding of the 2009 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and applications (PDPTA'09), ed. Hamid R. Arabnia, CSREA Press, 2010      2009
TODA Mikito, Mikito Toda
Proceedings of "Let's Face Chaos Through Nonlinear Dynamics" 7th International Summer School and Conference (AIP Conference Proceedings)ed. Marko Robnik and Valery Romanovsky   1076 245-254   2008
Dynamical Reaction Theory for Vibrationally Highly Excited Molecules
TODA Mikito, Mikito Toda
Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Physics IV, ed. K.Yamanouchi, A. Becker, R. Li and S.L.Chin (Springer,2008)   91-112   2008
TODA Mikito, Mikito Toda
Advances in Chemical Physics   130A 337-399   2005
Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and Chaos
TODA Mikito
Advances in Chemical Physics   123 153-197   2002
Dynamical processes of chemical reactions and chaos
TODA Mikito
Bussei Kenkyu   74(6) 597-643   2000
From Quantum Chaos to Irreversibility
TODA Mikito
Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement   116 379   1994
Phase Retrieval Problem in Quantum Chaos
TODA Mikito
Vista in Astronomy   37(1-4) 77   1993
topological Singularity of Phase in Quantum Chaos
TODA Mikito
Proceeding of the International Symposium on Information Physics   69   1992
Phase Retrieval Problem in Quantum Chaos
TODA Mikito
Mathematical Science   29 6   1991
Quantum Chaos -Quantum-Classical Correspondence-
TODA Mikito
Parity   6 2   1991
Quantum Chaos and Zeta Function
TODA Mikito
BUTSURI   44   1989
Quantum Mechanics and Chaos
TODA Mikito
Mathematical Science   27 5   1989

Books etc

Advancing Theory for Kinetics and Dynamics of Complex, Many-Dimensional Systems: Clusters and Proteins
Wiley Interscience   2011   
Progress in Ultrafast Intense Laser Science IV
Springer   2008   
Geometric Structures of Phase Space in Multi-Dimensional Chaos: Applications to Chemical Reactions in Complex Systems
Wiley-Interscience   2005   

Conference Activities & Talks

Time Series Analysis of Dynamical Systems [Invited]
TODA Mikito
the SIAM conference on applications of Dynamical systems   19 May 2019   
Characteristics of Language Usage in Inquires Asked to an Online Help Desk
The Second International Conference on Data Mining and Big Data (DMBD’2017)   2017   
Time series analysis using wavelet for molecular dynamics simulation of proteins
Energy Landscapes: Theory and Application   2016   
Dynamical Reaction Theory Beyond Conventional Statistical Reaction Theory
Theory of Gas Phase Scattering and Reactivity for Astrophysics   2015   
Geometry and Dynamics in systems of more than 2 dof
Geometry of Chemical Reaction Dynamics in Gas and Condensed Phases   2015   

Association Memberships



Japan-Slovenia Joint Seminar on nonlinear science
2007 - 2008
Dynamic Foundation of Functions in Protein Systems
Apr 2004 - Mar 2006

Research Grants & Projects

Quantum Mechanics of Non-Integrable Systems
Dynamical Process of Chemical Reaction
Phase Retrieval Problem