TORII Masayuki

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TORII Masayuki
Okayama University of Science
Faculty of Informatics, Department of Biosphere-Geosphere System Science, Department of Biosphere-Geosphere System Science
Job title
(BLANK)(Kyoto University)

Research Areas



Two "events" recorded in the Brunhes Chron at Hole 650A(ODP Leg 107, Tyrrhenian Sea) : Geomagnetic phenomena? (jointly worked)
Proc. ODP Sci. Results,   107 347-359   1990
Contrasting magnetic properties in Log 107 sediments : preservation and alteration of titanomagnetite at adjacent sites(jointly worked)
Proc. ODP Sci. Results   107    1990
Magnetostratigraphy of sediments recovered at Site 650,651,652 and 654(Leg 107, Tyrrhenian Sea)(jointly worked)
Proc. ODP Sci. Results   107    1990

Books etc

When was the Japan Sea opened? : Paleomagnetic evidence from Southwest Japan(jointly worked)
Formation of Active Ocean Margins   1985   
Magnetisierungsmessungen an Bohrkernen von Sedimenten aus dem Untergrund des Biwa-Sees(jointly worked)
Die Geschichte des Biwa-Sees in Japan   1991   
Rock-magnetic study of sediments : A brief review of bulk sample methods
The Earth's Central Part: Its Structure and Dynamics, edited by, T.Yukuteke, Terrapub   1995   
Magnetic properties of sediments deposited in suboxic-anoxic environments : relationships with biological and geochemical proxies(jointly worked)
Palaeomagnetism and Diagenesis, edited by D.H. Tarling and P.Turner   1999   
Incidence and significance of ferrimagnetic iron sulphides in Quaternary studies(jointly worked)
Quaternary Climates, Environments and Magnetion, edited by B. Maher and R. Thompson   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

Environmental magnetism
Rock magnetism