KAMIYA Hidetoshi

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KAMIYA Hidetoshi
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Science, Division of Earth and Planetary Science, Department of Geology and Mineralogy
Doctor of Science

Research Areas



Geology and Mineralogy, Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Tokyo University of Education


Study on the Internal Structure and the composing Materials of Some Tests of Fossil Echinarachnius.
Eatrh Science(Chikyu Kagaku)   29(2)    1975
Study on the Internal Structure of Some fossil Molluscan Shells and their Diagenetic Alteration.
The Journal of the Geo-logical society of Japan   81(7)    1975
Study on the Diagenetic and Experimental Alteration of Some Aragonitic Shells.
Science Report of Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku, Section C   12(118)    1975
Selective Alteration of the Shell Forming Minerals Observed in Some Fossil and Heated Shells.
Frath Science(Chikyu Kagaku)   32(5)    1978
Some Observation of the Selective Alteration of Aragonitic Shells relating to the Growth Lines.
Mechanisms of Biomineralization in Animals and Plants      1980

Books etc

Japanese Proboscidean Fossils.
The Enamel texture of the Fossil Molars of So-called "Parastegodon", advanced Stegodont, Proboscidea, Mammalia.
Microstructure and Phylogeny of Hard Tissues.   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Phylogenetic Change from the view point of fossil Microstructure
Project Year: 1970