TODA Mitsuo

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TODA Mitsuo
Shizuoka University
Faculty of Engineering - Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemical Engineering
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph. D. (Science)(Osaka University)
Other affiliation
Shizuoka UniversityShizuoka University

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Osaka University
Faculty of Science, Osaka University

Published Papers

“Synthesis and evaluation of novel phosphasugar anticancer agents"
[責任著者]Mayumi Yamaoka [共著者]Mitsuji Yamashita ほか14名
PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY   84(1) 37-48   Jan 2012   [Refereed]
Transcriptional repression of Cdc25B by IER5 inhibits the proliferation of leukemic progenitor cells through
[責任著者]Satoki Nakamura [共著者]Yasuyuki Nagata,Lin Tan,Tomonari Takemura,Kiyoshi Shibata,Michio Fujie,Shinya Fujisawa,Yasutaka Tanaka,Mitsuo Toda他7名
PLoS One   6(11) e28011   Jan 2012   [Refereed]
X-Ray Structures and Molecular Orbital Calculations of 6-phosphapentacyclo[,4.03,7.05,10]dodecane-6-oxides
[責任著者]K. Matsumoto [共著者]M. Toda,H. Iida,H. Hamana,A. Kakehi
HETEROCYCLIC COMMUNICATIONS   13(4) 199-202   Apr 2007   [Refereed]
Is There Any Effect of Pressure on Metal Cation Extraction Properties of 7,13-Bis(2'-thiazolyl)-1,4,10-trioxa-7,13-diaza-cyclopentadecane?
[責任著者]K. Matsumoto [共著者]M. Toda,H. Iida,,H. Hamana
HETEROCYCLIC COMMUNICATIONS   13(1) 13-16   Jan 2007   [Refereed]
Comparative Study of X-Ray Structures and molecular Orbital calculations of 6-Phenyl-6-phosphapentacyclo[,4.03,7.05,10]dodecane 6-oxide with 4-Phenyl-4-phosphatetracyclo[3.3.02,8.03,6]octan 4-oxide
[責任著者]K. Matsumoto [共著者]M. Toda,H. Iida,H. Hamana
HETEROCYCLES   70(2006) 627-633   Nov 2006   [Refereed]


Comparative X-ray Diffraction Studies and Moleculor Orbital Calculations on Diazinium Dicyanomethylides
Supramolecular Chemistry   13 93-102   Jan 2001
Conformational Stability of Z, Z'-Dialky/benzpinacols in Solid State
Supramolecular Chemistry   13 79-92   Jan 2001
An Extremely Unusual Reaction of 2,3,4-Triphenyl-3-azabicyclo [3.2.0] hepta-1,4-diene with Dimethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate
Heterocyclic Communications   6(3) 245-248   Jan 2000
Binding Properties of Some New Mono-, Bis-, and Tris-Cro Ethers for Silver Ion.
Heterocyclic Communications   5(1) 19-24   Jan 1999
Synthesis of Diazathia 15- and 18- crown ethers and Their Transport Properties for Metal Cations.
Heterocycles   47(1) 101-106   Jan 1998

Books etc

Introduction to supramolecular chemistry
戸田三津夫,戸田芙三夫 (Part:Joint Work)
Oct 2006   
aorganic synthesis at high pressure
松本澄,金子誠,美澄幸弘,原公彦,浅野努,大賀恭,小槻日吉三,蒲生啓司,井畑敏一,出村哲夫,戸田三津夫,ほか11名 (Part:Joint Work)
Feb 1999   
Organic synthesis at high pressure
R,M,Acheson,F. Amita,T. Asano,K,Hara,T. Ibata,K. Matsumto,A. Onodera,A. Sera,M. Toda,T. Uchida,T. Uyehara,Y. Yamamoto (Part:Joint Work)
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.   Jan 1991   

Research Grants & Projects

Synthesis of New Molecular Recognizing Compounds
Project Year: 1990 - 2003
Organic Synthsis under High Pressure
Project Year: 1990 - 2005
Selectivity Control of Organic Reaction in the Solid States
Project Year: 2000   
Nutrition reduction of lake Sanaru
Project Year: 2003   
Reduction of Phosphorous using Spilurina
Project Year: 2004