KAWATA Yoshiaki

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KAWATA Yoshiaki
Doctor of Engineering

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Kansai University Faculty of Environmental and Urban Engineering, Department of Civil , Environmental and Applied System Engineering


Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kyoto University


Applied Regional Planning for Disaster Prevention
Estimation of countermeasures against natural disasters
Journal of Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science   9(1) 1-16   1990
Characteristics of urban natural disaster and its scinario toward carastrophe-the beginning of study on disaster culture-
Journal of Japan Society for Natural Disaster Science   10(1) 33-45   1991
Introduction of comparative study on natural disasters-disasters and plague-
Annuals of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University   34(B-2) 507-524   1991
Transition mechanism of bed-load and suspended-load and sediment transport rate
Proc. of Coastal Eng. JSCE   38,221-235    1991

Books etc

Principles of water front development-disaster reduction and amenity-oriented function
Proc, Civil Engineering and Urban Development and Renewal   1994   
Characteristics of urban natural disasters and its scenarios toward catastrophe
Proc. Disaster Management in Metropolitan Areas for 21st Century, IDNDR Aichi/Nagoya   1994   
Storm surge and tsunami disaster prevention
Lecture Notes of the 30th Summer Seminar on Hydraulic Engineering, 1994   1994   
Catastrophic Urban Disaster
Response of Residents at the Moment of tsunamis -The 1992 Flores Island Earthquake tsunami, Indonesia(共著)
Tsunami : Pregress in Prediction, Disaster Prevention and Warning   1995   


1991 Cyclone Disasters in Bangladesh
Disasters due to Hurricane "Andrew"in 1992
Construction of Database 「SAIGAI」
1990 - 1993
Field Study on Tsunami Disasters due to Flores Island Earthquake・Indonesia in 1992
Cooperative Study on Flood and Storm Surge Disasters in Bangladesh

Research Grants & Projects

Catastrophic Disasters
Disaster Reduction Systems
Emergency management