MURAKAMI Toshifumi

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MURAKAMI Toshifumi
Kyoto University of Education
Faculty of Education Educational Science
Job title
MA of Peace Studies(Bradford University), Ph.D, Master of Education

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2002
Professor, Faculty of Education Educational Science, KYOTO UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION


Mar 1980
Graduate School, Division of Education, Hiroshima University
Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University

Published Papers

A Study of Education to Narture Parties' Consciousness for Passing on of War experiences
Toshifumi MURAKAMI
Journal of Education Research   (18) 173-182   Mar 2018
The Influence that Wartime Experience Gave to Peace Awareness:Chronological Analysis of the Attitude Survey for Junior High School Students on War and Peace
Murakami Toshoifumi
Hiroshima Peace Science   38 15-39   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Peace Education in Okinawa: Tasks for Modernization of Peace Education
16号 107-116   Mar 2016


Peace Education in Okinawa, Japan:The Role of Peace Musuems
村上 登司文
The 8th international Conference of Museums for Peace      Sep 2014
How peace museums can be used for practical peace education
村上 登司文
Museums for Peace: Past, Present and Future   26-36   Oct 2008
A Comparative sociological Study of Peace Museums and Military Museums
Hiroshima Peace Science   (25) 123-143   Jun 2003
The Role of Peace Museums in the Construction of a Culture of Peace
村上 登司文
第18回国際平和学会大会      Aug 2000
The Development of the Theory of Peace Ecluiction after the War : A Sociological Analysis
Institute for Peace Science, Hiroshima University   (22) 179-200   Mar 2000

Books etc

Museums for Peace: Past, Present and Future,
村上 登司文; Ikuo Anzai 他14名
立命館大学国際平和ミュージアム   Oct 2008   
A Comparison of Peace Education in Britain and Japan
村上 登司文
京都教育大学教育社会学研究室   Jul 1994   
Peace Education in Britain and Japan
Mar 1994   
Peace Education in Britain and Japan : A Comparison
村上 登司文; Ake Bjerstedt 他7名
Peace Education : Global Perspectives, (Stockholm, Sweden)   Mar 1993   

Conference Activities & Talks

平和教育学フォーラム関東   20 Nov 2016   平和教育学研究会
Development of Peace Education in Japanese Schools [Invited]
Toshifumi MURAKAMI
コスタリカと日本から平和へのアプローチを考えるシンポジウム   31 Aug 2015   コスタリカ共和国・ナショナル大学ラテンアメリカ研究所
How Peace Museums Can be Used for Practical Peace Education
村上 登司文
第6回国際平和博物館会議   Oct 2008   国際平和博物館会議