MIKAMI Hiroshi

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MIKAMI Hiroshi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences
Job title
Doctor of Medicine

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, Nara Medical University


Hierarchy of blood pressure control mechanism after spinal sympathectomy.
J Hypertens   1(Suppl 12)    1983
Cerebral fluid angiotensin II immunoreactivity is not derived from the plasma.
Hypertension   7    1985
Synergism of intraventricular Nacl infusion and subpressor angiotensins in rats.
Amer J Physiol   256    1989
Contribution of the baroreflex afferent nerves to the production of vasoconstricted hypertension in volume expanded dogs.
Circulation Research   65    1989
Differential blood pressure response to oral and central salt administration in two substrains of Dahl rats.
Amer. J. Hypertens   3    1990

Books etc

Interaction of vasopressin with central neurogenic mechanisms of blood pressure regulation
"Vasopressin" ed. Schreiver   1985   
Quality of life in the treatment of hypertension in the elderly
"How should elderly hypertensive patients be treated? " eds. Omae & Zanchetti   1989   
Special needs of elderly patients
Cardiovascular issues in the elderly : Focus on Hypertension Churchill livingstone   1993   
ACE inhibitors and their effects on QOL
All about ACE inhibitors revised version   1994   
Molecular structure and pharmacology of receptors - α1 adrenoceptor blocker
Mulecular Hypertonsinology   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Genetics of hypertension
The Other Research Programs
Treatment of hypertension in the elderly
The Other Research Programs
Usage of the long-term care insurance in a city
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2000   
Investigation of smoking habit in comedical students
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: 2001