UNO Masayoshi

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UNO Masayoshi
University of Fukui
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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1991
Mar 2009
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Apr 1988
Mar 1991
Researcher, Nuclear Fuel Development


Apr 1983
Mar 1988
Osaka University
Apr 1978
Mar 1983
Osaka University

Published Papers

Thermal conductivity estimation of fully ceramic microencapsulated pellets with ZrO2 as simulated particles
Ariyani Kusuma Dewia、Souichirou Yamaguchia, Takashi Onitsuka, Masayoshi Uno
Journal of Nuclear Materials   525 145-151   Nov 2019   [Refereed]
Visualizing an ignition process of hydrogen jets containing sodium mist by high-speed imaging
Daisuke Doi, Hiroshi Seino, Shinya Miyahara & Masayoshi Uno
Journal Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology   56(6) 521-532   2019   [Refereed]
Melting behavior and thermal conductivity of solid sodium-concrete reaction product
Kawaguchi Munemichi, Shinya Miyahara & Masayoshi Uno
Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology   56(6) 513-520   2019   [Refereed]
The study of hardening evaluation of pure Zr with d-hydrides generation by the dynamic in-situ metallic structure observation and nano-indentation hardness test
Kouichi Tougou , Takashi Onitsuka, Ken-ichi Fukumoto, Masayoshi Uno and Hiroaki Muta
Journal of Nuclear Materials   511 284-296   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
The Effects of Plutonium Content and Self-Irradaition on Thermal Conductivity of Mixed Oxide Fuel
Yoshihisa Ikusawa, Kyoichi Morimoto, Masato Kato, Kosuke Saito and Masayoshi uno
Nuclear Technology   205 474-485   2019   [Refereed]


Preparation and Characterization of Polycrystalline BaY2O4
Masayoshi UNO
KURRI Progress Report 2006, Published by The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, PR6-6, (2007).      2008
Masayoshi UNO
Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 376, pp. 83-87, (2008).      2008
Characterization of Oxide Precipitates Observed as a Gray Phase in High-Burnup Mixed Oxide Fuels for Fast Reactor
Masayoshi UNO
The Materials Science & Technology 2008 Conference and Exhibition proceedings, pp. 313-318 (2008).      2008
Characterization of composite nitride pellet prepared by SPS technique
Masayoshi UNO
The Materials Science & Technology 2008 Conference and Exhibition proceedings, pp. 319-326 (2008).      2008
Preparation and Characterization of TiO2 Thin Films
Masayoshi UNO
KURRI Progress Report 2007, Published by The Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, PR7-7, (2008).      2008

Books etc

Handbook of nanophysics
Masayoshi UNO
2010   ISBN:978-1-4200-7552-6
Inorganic and Metallic Nanotubular Materials
Masayoshi UNO
Apr 2010   ISBN:978-3-642-03620-0
Comprehensive Nuclear Materials
Masayoshi UNO, T. Nishi, M. Takano
Mar 2012   ISBN:9.78E+12
宇埜 正美
Nov 2014   ISBN:978-4-621-08874-6

Conference Activities & Talks

ナトリウム冷却高速炉における格納容器破損防止対策の有効性評価技術の開発 (8)熱力学計算によるナトリウム存在下のデブリの相平衡状態の評価
日本原子力学会2016春の年会   28 Mar 2016   
Estimation of the thermal conductivity in the radial direction of the pellets by hot disk method [Invited]
Masayoshi Uno,Yukihiro Murakami
BIT’s 4th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials (WCAM-2015)   27 May 2015   China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China, The Convention & Exhibition Office of Chongqing Municipal People 's Government, Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and InformationTechnology, Chongqing Science & Technology Commission…


Processing high-level-waste by super-high temperature method
1996 - 1998

Research Grants & Projects

Measurement of properties and the prediction of the behavior for ceramic fuels
Study on the integrity of Zr alloy claddings and the estimation of properties of Zr hydrides.
Solidification of uranium waste form by matting
Solidification of halogen waste forms
Photo-electrochemeical Properties of Zirconium oxide