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Osaka University
Graduate School of Dentistry, Course for Molecular Oral Biology and Dentistry, The Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Job title
(BLANK)(Osaka University)

Research Areas



The Electromyographic Activity of the Inferior Part of the Human lateral Ptergoid Muscle during Clenching and Chewing
Archives Oral Biology   31(4)    1986
Changes in Facial Skin Temperature Associated with Chewing Efforts in Man. A Thermographic Evaluation
Archives Oral Biology   36(9)    1991
Owl (Orthodontists' Widsdom Library) : a Multimedia Dental Information Database System based on a Hypertext Tool
51(2)    1992
Automatic Detection and Measurement of EMG Silent Periods in Masticatory Muscles during Chewing in Man
Electromyo. Clinical Neurophysiology   32    1992

Books etc

Tongue muscle activity during jaw opening, breathing, clenching, and protrusive and retrusive efforts in man
Leuvan University Press   1989   
Hypertext Model and its Stackware for Multimedia Dental Information Database
IIASA, Austria   1991   
Development of oral function. Orthodontics for Dental Students
Ishiyaku Shuppan   1992   
Etiology of malocclusions. I. Congenital causes. Orthodontics for Dental Students
Ishiyaku Shuppan   1992   
Analysis of occlusal function in individuals with normal occlusion, Dental Outlook
Ishiyaku Shuppan   1992   

Conference Activities & Talks

eCeph- an automatic recongnition of the human face
the 5th Asian-Pacific Orthod Conf   2005   
iCeph-an automatic recognitionof the human face
the 81st Congressnofnthe Europ Orthod Soc   2005   
Application of fourier series for assessing jaw movement smoothness during speech articulation
(IEEE) Symp of Workshop on DSP in Vehicular and Mobile Systems   2003   
Human masticatory muscle volume and zygomatico-mandibular form in adults with mandibular prognathism
Research Symp "Craniofacial Biology and 3D Medical Imaging"   2003   
Positional characteristics of glenoid fossa, mandible, and spheno-occipital synchoondrosis in patients with hemifacial microsomia
Research Symp "Craniofacial Biology and 3D Medical Imaging   2003   


Orthodontic Module Manual for Certified Dental Assistants and Registered Dental Hygienists.
Contemporary Orthodontics.
The science of mouth and face, The year 1994 Osaka Univ. Broadcasting Lecture "To link the world", The 8th Video Libary, Sun TV Broadcastig Corp.
Orthodontic Hyperknowledge, CD-ROM software version 1.0 (Medigit Corp and Ascii Co Ltd)

Research Grants & Projects

A study on stomatognathic dysfunction
Project Year: 1973 - 2009
Development of decision-making systems in oral health care
Project Year: 1973 - 2009
Masticatory function and malocclusion
Project Year: 1973 - 2009
Facial form and esthetics