BABA Akemichi

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BABA Akemichi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Applied Biopharmaceutical Sciences

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Osaka University


Postnatal change in a Ca2+-mediated decrease in (Na++K+)-ATPase activity in rat brain slices
Brain Res.   572,349-351/,    1992
Glucose and oxygen deprivation induces a Ca2+-mediated decrease in (Na++K+)-ATPase activity in rat brain slices
Brain Res.   576,263-270/,    1992
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm.   178,946-952/,    1991
NMDA induces protein kinase C translocation in hippocampal slices of immature rat brain
Neurosci. Lett.   126,119-122/,    1991
Inhibition of NMDA-induced protein kinase C translocation by a Zn2+ chelator : implication of intracellular Zn2+
Brain Res.   557,103-108/,    1991

Books etc

Chloride-dependent amino acid transport in synaptic membrane vesicles
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Neurochemical characterization of excitatory amino acid receptors in hippocampus
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"Taurine biological actions and clinical perspectives"   1985   
Neurochemical basis of cysteine sulfinic acid in the central nervous system
"Sulfur amino acids : Biochemical and clinical aspects"   1983   

Research Grants & Projects

Functional Role of Glia Cells in Brain
Role of 5-HT1A receptor agonist in depression
Molecular Pharmacology of PACAP in Brain