ABE Nobuyuki

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ABE Nobuyuki
Osaka University
Joining and Welding Research Institute, Smart Processing Research Center, Smart Beam Processing Division
Doctor of Engineering(Osaka University), Master of Engineering

Research Areas



Electron Beam Cladding of Cu on Carbon Steel Plates
Transactions of JWRI   21(1)    1992
Electron Beam Melting of Aluminum Alloy by Beam Oscillation
Transactions of JWRI   20(1)    1991
Electron Beam Cladding of Titanium on Stainless Steel Plate
Transactions of JWRI   19(1)    1990
Control of Molten Metal Flow by Tandem Electron Beam Welding
Journal of High Temperature Society   16(1)    1990
Numerical Simulation of Molten Metal Flow in EB Welding
Journal of High Temperature Society   15(6)    1989

Books etc

Advanced Materials Processing with High Energy Density Beam Sources
Bases of Science and Technology   1999   
Joining and Welding Technology Q & A 1000
Manufacturing Science
Kyoritsu shuppan Co. Ltd.   2000   
Welding of Aluminum Alloy with High Power Direcr Diode Laser
Proceedcngs of SPIE   2003   
Formation of Hard Surfacing Layers with Diode Lasers
Priceedings of the 2nd International WLT Conference on Lasers in Manufacturing   2003   


Heat Response of Connecting Flange for Space Shuttle at High Heat Flux Condition
Development of On-Line Monitoring Technology for Laser Welding
Formation of W layer on SiC/SiC Composite Material and Analysis of Their Physical Properties
1997 - 2002
Nano Strucute Forming for Advanced Ceramic Integration Technology Prosect

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Material Processing by Electron Beam
Study on Material Processing by Laser Beam
Material Processing with Diode Laser
Ultra Finc Paticle Beam Processing