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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Faculty of Foreign Studies, Department of German Studies


A semantic function of ┣DBhinter(/)-┫DB in : Er nahm ┣DBhinter(/)-┫DB dem Schreibtisch Platz
Research Reports to Germanistics   (35) 99-116   1993
A Contrastive Study to Humor in Short Text Forms of German and Japanese Language
Sprache und Kultur   (26) 1-29   1993
"Jokes through Performance" and "Jokes through Ignoring Context"
Journal of the Society of German Linguistics Hanshin   (6) 19-33   1994
The Onomatopoeia in Japanese (A Videotape with Manual)
Audiovisual Teaching Research Association Osaka University of Foreign Studies      1995
Classification of Laugh Caused by Jokes
Journal of the Society of German Linguistics Hanshin   (7) 53-73   1995

Books etc

Eine Kontrastive Betrachtung der japanischen und deutschen Sprache (A contrastive consideration of Japanese and German language)
Academic Series of Osaka University of Foreign Studies. No.13   1996   
Speech-Knigge or How and Of what shall I speak?
Dogaku-sha   1997   
A Guidebook to Study of German Grammar
Daigakushorin Co.   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

A contrastive study of deixis in Japanese and German Language
A contrastive study of German and Japanese Jokes
A contrastive study of onomatopoeia in Japanese and German Language