ONO Kiyomi

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ONO Kiyomi
Osaka University
Graduate School of Law and Politics, Department of Law and Political Science
Job title

Research Areas



Die Tragedie eires Technokraten Eine Studie (]J1068[)ber W. v. Hoellendorff
A Journal of Law and Political Science   137-138    1991
Sozialisusbild von W. v. Moelledorff
A Journal of Law and Political Science   139    1992
Bismarck and Parlamentarismus - in der Umwandlungszeit seirce Politik -
A Journal of Law and Political Science   110    1986
(]J1068[)ber die Sozialisierungsbewegung in der Deutschen Revolution (1918-19).
A Journal of Law and Political Science   79    1979
Zur sozialen-und politischen Reformkonzeption Walther Rathenans
A. Journal of Law and Political Science   84    1980

Books etc

Study on Johann Plenge's view of War and Socialism
Historical Structure of modern world system   1993   
Ideology of Technocrats and National Socialism
Minerva publishing house   1996   
From Class-society to mass-society
German Social History   2001   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on political thought of "Ordoliberalismus"
Project Year: 1999   
Study on Technocrat and Rationalisation-ideology
Project Year: 1998   
Study on Autobahn construktion and Thought of Ns-Tecnocrat
Project Year: 2004