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Doctor of Literature(Hiroshima University), Master of Literature(Hiroshima University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor,no data,Vice President, Osaka Kyoiku University Faculty of Education Course for School Teacher Course for School Teachers School Education


Educational Psychology (Learning Psychology), Graduate School, Division of Education, Hiroshima University
Psychology, Faculty of Education, Hirosaki University


Differences of information processing in terms of resistance to extinction among human, rat and fish
Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University(Ser.IV)   26(2) 75-86   1977
Relationship between distribution pattern of partial reinforcement and resistance to extinction in fish
Japanese Journal of Psychology   47(3) 169-172   1976
The effects of number of N-R tansitions and percentage of reinforcement upon the PRE following a small number of training trials
Japanese Journal of Psychology   45(2) 90-94   1974
Resistance to extinction o the partial delay of reward concerning the few-trial PRE
Annual of Animal Psychology   24(2) 63-71   1974
An investigation of the relationship between overtraining extinction effect and intertrial interval
Japanese Journal of Psychology   44(1) 51-54   1973

Books etc

Current issues in education.
hokuju-shuppan   2001   
Dictionary of Psychology
yu-hikaku   1999   
Psychology of learning -It's perspective-
kitaohji-shobou   1999   
Current trends in educational psychology
kitaohji-shobou   1997   
Psychology of leaning on the nature of reinforcement: Associationism vs. cognitivism
kitaohji-shobou   1989   

Research Grants & Projects

Application of theories of learning to the instructional process in the classroom
Project Year: 1973   
Experimental analysis of learning by newts
Project Year: 2003   
Comparative analysis of informational processing in turtles.
Project Year: 1987   
Study on the effectiveness of dolphin assisted activity (DAA) applied to an autistic child
Project Year: 2006