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Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
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Docter of Science
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Graduate School, Division of Natural Science, Tokyo University of Educatiion
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Tokyo University of Education

Published Papers

Surfaces in products of two curves
A. Koyama, J. Krasinkiwicz, S. Spiez
Topology Appl.   169 618-640   2015   [Refereed]
Embeddings into products and symmetric products—an algebraic approach
A. Koyama, J. Krasinkiewicz, S. Spiez
Houston J. Math.   38(2) 611-641   2012   [Refereed]
Generalized manifolds in products of curves
A. Koyama, J. Krasinkiewicz and S. Spiez
Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.   363(3) 1509-1523   2011
On the symmetric hyperspaces of the circle
N. Chinen and A. Koyama
Topology Appl   157(17) 2613-2621   2010
Continuous linear extension of functions
35. A. Koyama, I. Stasyuk, E. D. Tymchatyn and A. Zagorodnyuk
Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.   138(11) 4149-4155   2010

Books etc

Topics in Dimension Theory - Recent Progress in General Topology III
J. Dydak, A. Koyama (Part:Contributor)
Atlantis Press   2014   ISBN:9789462390232

Conference Activities & Talks

Homological properties of decomposition spaces [Invited]
A. Koyama
Geometric Topology and Geometry of Banach Spaces   14 May 2017   University of Ben Grion
Characterizations of n-dimensional compacta in the products of n curves [Invited]
A. Koyama
Dubrovnik VIII - Geometric Topology, Geometric Group Theory and Dynamical Systems   24 Jun 2015   
On embeddings into products of curves - An algebraic approach [Invited]
A. Koyama
28th Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications   23 Jul 2013   Nipissing University
A role of Whyburn factorization theorem for embeddings of n-dimensional continua into products of n curves [Invited]
A. Koyama
15 Oct 2011   UNAM

Research Grants & Projects

Embedding problems related to asymptotic dimension in coarse geometry
Project Year: Apr 2012 - Mar 2016
We investigated large scale geometry, mainly coarse geometry for general proper metric spaces with coarse geometry structure and embedding problems of CAT(0)-groups into the Hilbert space. Then we discovered a good relation between coarse geometr...
Coarse analyzing metric spaces of non-positive curvature and topological analyzing remainders of its compactifications
Project Year: Apr 2010 - Mar 2014
It is important mathematically (in particular, geometrically) to study Coxeter groups. We investigate Coxeter groups and obtain topological properties for boundaries of metric spaces of non-positive curvature and hyperbolic spaces on whose Coxeter...
Study of groups of measure-preserving homeomorphisms and volume-preserving diffeomorphisms of noncompact manifolds
Project Year: Apr 2010 - Mar 2013
We studied topological properties of groups of diffeomorphisms and homeomorphisms of any on-compact manifold M. Under the compact-open C∞topology, we extended a parametrized version of Moser’s theorem for volume forms to the non-compact case. As f...
Cohomological dimension theory in coarse geometry
As we started to investigate coarse geometry from the viewpoint of asymptotic dimension theory, we faced an important problem related to embedding problems. Namely, we investigated the problem what kind of n-dimensional compact metric spaces can b...
Study of various groups of homeomorphisms of noncompact manifolds