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Kobe University
Graduate School of Intercultural Studies Department of Culture and Globalization
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The Usage of the German Causative Constructions with human subject and "lassen" --using examples of Thomas Manns "Doktor Faaustus"--(Part 2)
Journal of Intercultural Studies   (45) 89-116   Dec 2015
In this paper I analized the Causative Constructions with Infinitives like transitive, reflective and impersonal verb. Many cases of the Causative Constructions with a transitive verb as infinitive have no semantic human subject of infinitive. But...
How should "the Indirect Speech" of the Japanese language be defined? -using the examples of "Bocchan" by Soseki Natsume-
Modern Times   (113) 19-47   Nov 2015
If "Indirect Speech" is used in Japanese novels,
what should we regard as characteristics of "Indirect Speech"? "Indirect Speech" is defined as marked in comparison with "Direct Speech" in Japanese novels.The change of pronouns from the viewpoint ...
The Usage of the German Causative Constructions with human subject and "lassen" --using examples of Thomas Manns "Doktor Faustus"--(Part 1)
Journal of Intercultural Studies   (44) 1-27   Jul 2015
In this article I analized the German 'lassen'-causative constructions with human subject using the examples of "Doktor Faustus" by Thomas Mann. The 'lassen'-causative construction with human subject accounts for about 73% of all causative constru...
On the Translation of Turgenev's "Secret Meeting of Lovers" by Shimei Futabatei
Modern Times   (109) 35-67   Nov 2013
I analyzed some onomatopoeic words in Turgenev's "Secret Meeting of Lovers" translated by Shimei Futabatei in terms of 'the Spirit of Vulgar Language'.
On the Polite Expressions of the German Subjunctive Mood II
Journal of Intercultural Studies   (39) 61-88   Jan 2013
I suppose that the polite expressions of the German subjunctive mood II result from a lack of the combination with a main clause, and classify such polite expressons into many types. I regard the interjectional expressions of relief by subjunctive...


To the Status of the Dative-Complement 'ni' in Japanese in terms of the Syntactic Valency -- From a Contrastive Viewpoint --
YUASA, Hideo
会誌(阪神ドイツ語学研究会編)   18, 95-102    Apr 2006
Book Review: Kawasaki, Y./ Nakamura, N. / Kataoka, Y. /Yuasa, H. (ed.): Aspekts of the German Linguistics - Festschrift for Prof. Yoshihiko Nishimoto -
YUASA, Hideo
ドイツ文学論攷(阪神ドイツ文学会編)   46, 111-113    Dec 2004   [Refereed]
Thoughts on the Relative Pronoun -An Outlook for the Analysis of the Verbal Complement of the Japanese and the German-
YUASA, Hideo
会誌(阪神ドイツ語学研究会編)   16, 55-65    Apr 2004
Memorandam concerning the Case Hierarchy of the Japanese Language from the viewpoint of Honorific Expressions
YUASA, Hideo
会誌(阪神ドイツ語学研究会編)   15, 107-116    Apr 2003
Ferdinand de Saussure (translated by Natsue Aihara and Rei Akitsu) : The Third Lectures on the General Linguistics, based on the Notes by Emile Constantin
YUASA, Hideo
会誌(阪神ドイツ語学研究会編)   15, 153-161    Apr 2003

Books etc

Access Japanese-German Dictionary
YUASA HIDEO (Part:Joint Work)
Sanshusha Publ. Co.   Jan 2012   
Access German-Japanese Dictionary. 3. Edition
Yuasa, Hideo (Part:Joint Work)
Sanshusha Publ. Co.   Apr 2010   
Thinking of the German Language: A Collection of Articles on the Language
ZAIMA, Susumu, OGINO, Kurahei, SEINO, Tomoaki, NAYA, Masaaki, SHIMA, Norio, TOKITA, Itsuko, OYA, Toshiaki, KAN, Mingyon, MIYAKE, Yoko, YUASA, Hideo (Part:Joint Work)
三修社   Mar 2008   
German from the Viewpoint of the Far Neighborhood. Japanese Insights into a Foreign Language. Festschrift for the 60. Birthday of Susumu Zaima.
STICKEL, Gerhard, YUASA, Hideo, IKEGAMI, Yoshihiko, EROMS, Hans-Werner, NARITA, Takashi, OZONO, Masahiko, OGAWA, Akio, FUJINAWA, Yasuhiro, OYA, Toshiaki, SEINO, Tomoaki (Part:Joint Work)
Sauffenburg Verlag   Apr 2005   
Grammaticalization in German - from the Viewpoint of the Typology -
MORI, Yoshiki, YUASA, Hideo, HEINE, Bernd, MIYASHITA, Hiroyuki, FUJINAWA, Yasuhiro, KOKUTANI, Shigehiro, SHIGETO, Minoru, TANAKA, Shin, TANAKA, Masatoshi, HASHIMOTO, Masashi (Part:Joint Work)
NEUE BEITRAEGE ZUR GERMANISTIK (日本独文学会編)、Iudicium Verlag   Dec 2004   

Conference Activities & Talks

On the Unreality of an Unreal Mood of the Subjunctive II
Yuasa, Hideo
the 73. Academic Meeting of the Kyoto Germanic Linguistics   Dec 2010   京都ドイツ語学研究会
On the Type of German Constructions from the Viewpoint of the Constructions with Functional Verbs _ In Comparison with the Japanese Language_
YUASA, Hideo
日本独文学会秋季研究発表会   Oct 2006   日本独文学会
The End-Orientation of German Verbal Components and Language Change
YUASA, Hideo
Deutsch aus ferner Naehe刊行記念第1回DAFNドイツ語研究会   Mar 2005   DAFNドイツ語研究会
On the Communicative Function of the Dative-Passive
YUASA, Hideo
第31回語学ゼミナール   Aug 2003   日本独文学会
YUASA, Hideo
日本独文学会秋季研究発表会   Oct 2001   日本独文学会

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