FUJII Masaru

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FUJII Masaru
Kobe University
Board of Directors
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Published Papers

Development of Rural-Urban Relationship in Mainland Southeast Asia
Masaru Fujii
Sociological Review of Kobe Universsity   24号・47-63頁    Mar 2007


Review on Otohiko Hasumi ed. Lectures on Sociology No.3: Village and Area
FUJII Masaru
Journal of Rural Studies   33    Oct 2010

Books etc

FUJII MASARU (Part:Joint Editor)
晃洋書房   Jun 2013   
Cross-cultural Marriage in East Asia: Japanese-Thai Marriage and its Comparsion (Research Project by JSPS Grant-in-aid)
FUJII Masaru (Part:Joint Work)
Kobe University   Mar 2010   
Study on Basic Structure, Dynamics, and Sustainable Development of 'Local World' in East Asia: Interim Report of Research Project by JSPS Grant-in-aid, 2009
FUJII Masaru (Part:Joint Work)
Kobe University   Mar 2010   
Masaru Fujii (Part:Joint Work)
東方書店   Feb 2007   
Study of Historical Sociology on Japanese Ie and Dozoku -Chinese translation-
FUJII Masaru
Commercial Press(Beijing)   Jul 2005   

Conference Activities & Talks

Modern Localism in Northeast Thailand: Recurrent Local World in East Asia [Invited]
FUJII Masaru
International Conference on Asian-Pacific Societies in Changing Times: Anthropological and Archaeological Perspectives   Dec 2010   Department of Anthroplogy, National University of Taiwan
rural-Urban Relationship in the Northeast Thailand during the Latter Half of the 20th Century : Case Study of a Village in Mahasarakham Province
FUJII Masaru
The 8th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Thai Stuies   Jul 2006   
Interim Report on Rural-Urban relationship in Thailand; Case of a Northeastern Thai Village
Masaru Fujii
International seminar for the Study of Rural-Urban Relationship in East and Southeast Asia   Jan 2006   
Trans-Border Migration and Local Community in Thailand: The Case of Migrant Workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia in Chonburi-(Part 1)Overview, and Social Life of Migrant Workers
Masaru Fujii
SEASREP 10th Anniversary Conference   Dec 2005   Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program