MAEDA Kishio

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MAEDA Kishio
Former Institution / Organization Nara University of Education Center for Natural Environment Education
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Research Areas



New records of Myotis yanbarensis and Murina ryukyuana in Amami-Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture
Bulletin of the Asian bat Research Institute   (2) 16-17   2002
Foraging environments microchiropteran bats in Iriomote I. Okinawa Prefectre(1) Differences between so-called Open area and Covered area
Bulletin of the Asian bat Research Institute   (2) 18-20   2002
Distribution of bats in Wakkanai, Northern Hokkaido
Rishiri Study   (22) 13-22   2003
Distribution of bats in Haboro and Syosanbetsu, Northern Hokkaido (2)'
Rishiri Study   (22) 27-32   2003
First record of Pipistrellus abramus in Hokkaido
Mammal Science   43(1) 39-43   2003

Books etc

Red Data Book of Japanese Mammals, 2nd Ed.
Environmental Bureau   2002   
Threatened Wildlife in Okinawa, Second ed.(Animals)Red Data Okinawa
Nature Conserevation Division, Department of Culture & Environment Affairs, Okinawa Prefecturral Government   2005   
A Guide to the Mammals of Japan
Tokai Univ. press   2005   ISBN:4-486-01690-4
Variabilities of bent-winged bats, ┣DBMiniopteruos Schreibersi(/)-┫DB Kuhl and least horseshoe bats, Rhinolophus cornutns Temminck in the Japanese Islands 1. External characters
Proc.4th International Bat Research conference,   1978   
A Guide to the Mammals of Japan, 2nd ed.
Tokai University Press   2008   ISBN:978-4-486-01802-5

Research Grants & Projects

Phylogeny of the bats in Japan
Project Year: 1966   
Project Year: 1991   
Studies on fauna in Kii Peninsula
Project Year: 1990   
Studies on education of natural environment
Project Year: 1990