SHIRAISHI Yoshimitsu

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SHIRAISHI Yoshimitsu
Tottori University
Faculty of Medicine, School of Medicine, Department of Functional, Morphological and Regulation Science, Division of Adaptation Physiology
Medical doctor(Tottori University)


Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science (Natural Sciences), Shimane University


Differential locations in the midbrain of distinct groups of vertical eye movement-related neurones in cats : their projections and direct connections with oculomotor neurones. "jointly worked"
Acta Physiologica Scandinavica   154(2) 151-163   1995
An electrophysiologically defined trigemino-reticulofacial pathway related to the blink reflex in the cat. "jointly worked"
Neuroscience Letters   96, 64-69    1989
Direct excitatory and inhibitory synaptic inputs from the medial mesodiencephalic junction to motoneurons innervating extraocular oblique muscles in the cat. "jointly worked"
Experimental Brain Research   61, 62-72    1985
Projections of vertical eye movement-related and head rotation-related neurons in the medial mesodiencephalic junction to pontine reticular formation in cat. "jointly worked"
Neuroscience Letters   171(1) 2,85-88   1994
Medium-lead burst neurons related to vertical saccades in cat Forel's field H : input from vestibular nucleus. "jointly worked"
Neuroscience Letters   172(1) 2,24-26   1994

Books etc

Pontine and collicular inputs to Forel's field neurons generating vertical saccades in the alert cat.
Vestibular and Brain Stem Control of Eye, Head and Body Movements. Edited by Shimazu H & Shinoda Y. Japan Scientific Societies Press   1992   

Research Grants & Projects

Patterns of connections of vertical eye movement-related neurons in the medial mesodiencephalic junction
Analysis of mental sweating in humans