MATSUO Yasutaka

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MATSUO Yasutaka
Senshu University
School of Letters
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Published Papers

Examining Japanese rural policies from the viewpoint of social capital: Towards the integrated initiatives of food production, land management and vibrant communities
マツオ ヤスタカ
>93-114   Jun 2005
Rural Development through GES Tourism: Are the Networks and Institutions Evolving as the Alternative Social Capital?
マツオ ヤスタカ
>141-160   Jan 2006
マツオ ヤスタカ
Senshu University Institute of Humanities Monthly Bulletin   (228) >29-71   Mar 2007
'Cultural Landscape' Conservation Policy and Its Effects Upon Rural Communities
マツオ ヤスタカ
K.Kobayashi et al eds., "Social Capital and Development Trends in Rural Areas. Volume 3" CERUM   >61-78   Sep 2008


Making 「Commons」 Work: A review of issues and practices for sustainability
マツオ ヤスタカ
>   Mar 2003
African Plants in the Columbian Exchange
マツオ ヤスタカ
The Historical Geography   50(1 (237)) >101-114   Jan 2008
Marginalization, Globalization and Regional and Local Response
マツオ ヤスタカ
Kokon Shoin, The Chiri (Geography)   59(708) >82-83   Jul 2014

Books etc

Geographical Marginality as a Global Issue
Walter Leimgruber, Etienne Nel, Yasutaka Matsuo, Tony Binns, Ragubir Chand, Bradley Cullen, Pushkar K. Pradhan (Part:Joint Work)
Department of Geography, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand   2010   ISBN:ISBN: 978-0-473-17042-4
Preliminary consideration on the current functions of three- tier traditional local communities, Kyoto
マツオ ヤスタカ
Social Capital and Development Trends in Rural Areas Vol.7, MARG, Kyoto, Japan   Feb 2012   ISBN:ISBN: 978-4-907830-08-3
Examining the supporting policies/in the light of present lifestyles in depopulated mountain areas in Japan
マツオ ヤスタカ
Shaker Verlag, Aachen, Germany, Mountain regions in transformation, eds. by W. Leimgruber et al.   Apr 2012   ISBN:978-3-8440-0930-9
Action Group and the Formation of Region and Place: Search for the Regional Identity
The Senshu University Publisher   Mar 2019   ISBN:ISBN: 978-4-88125-338-0

Conference Activities & Talks

Some reflections on the rural models induced through empirical examples
19 Aug 2004   IGC, Glasgow
Characteristics of Japanese rural policies from the viewpoint of social capital; towards the integrated initiatives of food production, land management and vibrant communities
24 Aug 2004   ITPS and Mid-Sweden University Workshop, Ostersund, Swe
Current conditions of rural land management in local/regional dimensions in Japan
17 Aug 2004   IGC (International Geographical Congress), Glasgow
A preliminary analysis of the evolving regional issues of the absolute population decrease in Japan
13 Aug 2004   IGU Commission 05 Annual meeting, Stirling, UK
Submerged mountain villages and the dam policy in Japan
5 Aug 2003   17th International Seminar on Marginal Regions Wales Harlech

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Mountain Village
Study in Old Pictorial Maps
Landscape Aesthetics