Takao Esaka

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Takao Esaka
Tottori University
Graduate School of Engineering, Chemistry and Biotechnology Applied Chemistry
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Nagoya University)
Other affiliation
Tottori University

Research Areas



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Books etc

Ionic Conduction in Substituted Scheelite-type Oxide La2/3-xLi3xWO4
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Analysis of Ionic Motion in Solid Electrolytes Using NRG-CT
Analysis of Hydrogen Distribution in Hydrogen Absorption Alloys Using NRG-CT
Synthesis of Lithium Storage intermetallic Compounds and their Application to Secondary Batteries
Studies on High Performance Electrochemical Capacitor

Research Grants & Projects

Synthesis and Application on High Temperature type Ionic Conductor
Basic Science Research Program
Application of Alloy and Oxide system materials for Batteries
Basic Science Research Program
Studies of Ionic Motion using NRG
Basic Science Research Program
Study on Functional Environmental Ceramic Materials
Basic Science Research Program
Application of NRG to Develop Energy Materials
Basic Science Research Program


Electronic Conductivity Ceramics (Patent)
New Method for Hydrogen Production (Patent)
New and Effective treatment of Aluminum dross
CO2 Sensor
Oxygen gas Sensing Probe