MIHO Tadao

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MIHO Tadao
Master of Literature, Doctor(Literature)(Hiroshima University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Kobe Women's University Faculty of Literature, Department of Japanese, Kobe Women's University Faculty of Literature Department of Japanese


Japanese Language, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Hiroshima University
Faculty of Literature, Hiroshima University


A Study of the Ancient Reading in the Texts of the Susiddhikara kyo(]J1155[)
Studies in the Japanese Language   102    1975
On the Glossaries Written by Gankoji's Singyo
Japanese Language and Litelature   51(6)    1974
On Structure of the Koorai owned by Kosanji
Studies of the Manuscripts and the Docuweuts owned by Kosanji      1980
A Tentative Tneory on the Jojimon Vocabulary in the Iroha-jiruisho -the Case of the Toranbu Vocabulary
Studies of Japanese Vocabulary History   8    1987
On Teikin-orai Owned by Teuri-Library
Japanese Dissertations in Memory of Yoshinori Kobayashi Retirement      1992

Books etc

A Study and Words Index of Unshu Orai Kyoroku-text, Textual Reprinting and Studies
Izumi-shoin   1982   ISBN:4900137391
A Historical Study of the Numeral Classifiers in Japanese-Centered on the Shosatsu-rei in the Edo era-
Kazama Shobo(]J1152[)   2000   ISBN:4759911847
A Study and Words Index of Unshu Orai Kyoroku-text, Words Index
Izumi-shoin   1997   ISBN:4870888645
A Study and Words Index of Unshu・orai Kyoroku-text, Text
Izumi shoin   1997   ISBN:4870888440
A Study of the Japanese Numeral Classifiers in the Ancient Wooden Plates and the Shosoin Documents
Kazamashobo   2004   ISBN:475991417X


Synthetic Investigation of the Manuscripts and the Documents owned by Kosanji (Chief : Dr, Hiroshi Tsukishima)

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Classifier
Study on Handwriting Materials