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Shimane University
Doctor of Science(Waseda University), Master of Science(Waseda University)

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Akishige Yukikuni
Bulletin of the Japan Institute of Metals   54(4) 138-141   2015
Yukikuni Akishige, Shinya Tsukada, Isao Takahashi
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan   83    Jul 2014
© 2014 The Physical Society of Japan. The dielectric constant ε"band the birefringence & Delta;nacwere measured using the cleaved b-plate of 32% Ba-substituted Sr2Nb2O7single crystals. The ε"bvs T curve shows a weak and broad dielectric maximum of...
秋重 幸邦
エネルギー環境教育研究   8(2) 1-3   Jun 2014
Shinya Tsukada, Tatsuya Moriyama, Yukikuni Akishige
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   53    Jan 2014
© 2014 The Japan Society of Applied Physics. The electric field-temperature (E-T) phase diagram of Ba1-xKxTiO3-xFx(x = 0.027) was established to investigate the relationship between critical phenomena and enhanced piezoelectric and dielectric prop...
Wenfeng Liu, Wenfeng Liu, Shinya Tsukada, Shengtao Li, Yukikuni Akishige
Journal of Materials Science   49 7908-7914   Jan 2014
The effect of sintering temperature (ranging from 1055 to 1200 °C) on the phase ingredient and dielectric property of the nominal BaTi 2O5 ceramics (starting with the Ba/Ti of 1:2) fabricated by a spark plasma sintering method were systematically ...
Wenfeng Liu, Wenfeng Liu, Shinya Tsukada, Yukikuni Akishige
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   53    Jan 2014
In the present study, 0, 0.2, and 0.4wt% MnO2 doped BaTi 2O5 ceramics were fabricated by three different routes, i.e., sol-gel deriving powders and spark plasma sintering (SPS) sintering, solid state calcining and SPS sintering, sol-gel deriving p...
Wenfeng Liu, Wenfeng Liu, Shinya Tsukada, Yukikuni Akishige
Functional Materials Letters   7    Jan 2014
Barium dititanate (BaTi2O5) ceramics with high density and phase purity were fabricated by spark plasma sintering (SPS) from the sol-gel derived powders. The fine grained ceramics exhibited a diffuse phase transition which is qualitatively the sam...
Shinya Tsukada, Yukikuni Akishige, Tae Hyun Kim, Seiji Kojima
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering   54    Jan 2014
Effect of an electric field along [100] direction on diffuse phase transitions in a relaxor ferroelectric 0.955Pb(Zn1/3Nb 2/3)O3-0.045PbTiO3 (PZN-0.045PT) crystal is studied through dielectric properties and a longitudinal acoustic (LA) phonon. Co...
X-RAYS   54(6) 313-318   Dec 2012
Barium titanate is the most general ferroelectric material which is widely studied in physics and application. The origin of large ferroelectricity is known to be the strong Ti-O covalency of perovskite-type BaTiO3. Therefore, the substitution of ...
Zhonghua Dai, Zhonghua Dai, Yukikuni Akishige
Materials Letters   88 36-39   Dec 2012
0.75BiFeO 3-0.25BaTiO 3 (75BF-25BT) multiferroic powders were prepared by a mechanochemical synthesis at room temperature and the dense ceramics were sintered by a spark plasma sintering (SPS) at 1023-1073 K. Microstructures of the ball milled pow...
KOMATSU Ryuichi, OKUMA Yohei, ITOH Hironori, AKISHIGE Yukikuni
IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems   131(6) 1126-1130   Jun 2011
Potassium niobate (KNbO3; KN) is a well known ferroelectric material with perovskite structure. Recently, this crystal has been given much attention as an environmentally friendly material as well as surface acoustic waves (SAW) and bulk acoustic ...
Akishige Yukikuni, Hiraki Yuuta, Xu Jun
Memoirs, Faculty of Education, Shimane University   43 111-115   Dec 2009
Temperature dependence of the dielectric constant on Ba_(1-x)K_xTiO_(3-x)F_x single crystals (0<x<0.13) was measured in a temperature range between 100 K and 450 K, and the relation of the phase transition temperatures vs. KF content was examined....


秋重 幸邦
島根大学教育学部紀要   42    Feb 2009
Akishige Yukikuni, Yuasa Seiko
Memoirs, Faculty of Education, Shimane University   42 75-79   Dec 2008
We made a simple microspectrophotometer using an old microscope, an optical fiber, a spectrophotometer with CCD and a personal computer. Furthermore, we successfully made a fluorescence spectrophotometer using a solidstate laser and a sharp cut fi...
Walker Ezekiel, Neogi Arup, Akishige Yukikuni
Memoirs, Faculty of Education, Shimane University   41 141-148   Dec 2007
BaTi_2O_5 has been shown to have highly anisotropic properties that are of interest in both research and industry. We will detail the application of an empirical new phase diagram for BaO-TiO_2 system, an in-depth description of the steps used to ...
Hiraki Yuuta, Akishige Yukikuni
Memoirs, Faculty of Education, Shimane University   41 149-153   Dec 2007
We succeeded in growing the KF-doped BaTiO3 single-crystals by changing the molar ratios of the liquidsolution consisting of KF: BaO: TiO2 = 10: 1: 1+α where is a variable in a range up to 1.2. The content x in the chemical formula, Ba1-xKxTiO3-xF...
Calorimetry and thermal analysis.   33(4) 160-166   Aug 2006

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