ITO Yasuhiro

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ITO Yasuhiro
Shimane University
Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Shimane University Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Department of Regional Development


Early Modern Fishing Village and "Fishery Rights linked with Farmer's Rights"
350    1991
Change of Village Structure and the Development of Triangular Set Net Fishery for Yellow tail
28(3)    1983
The Chage of the Use of Fishing Ground and the Set Net Fishery for Yellwtail in the Meiji Era
2    1988
The Development of the Set Net Fishing of Yellow tail and Use of Fishing Ground in Edo Era
30    1989
Fishery and Utilization of Fishing Grocnd in the Early Modern Period
28    1987

Books etc

The History of Fishing Villages
The Environmental History for Waters and Men (Torigoe&Kada ed.)
Ochanomizu shobo   1984   
The Historical Studys for Family Farm (Miyoshi ed.)
Fuminkyokai   1990   
Study for the Rural Management in mount Villages(Kitagawa ed.)
Ochanomizusyobo   1995   
Farming Massege in Tokugawa period-Fishery l-(Nihonnosyozensyohensyuiinnkai ed.)
Nosangyosonbunkakyokai   1995   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Fisheries History
The Historical Studys and Compiling History by Local Government in Shimane Prefecture
The Study for Fisheries Management in EEZ