OKAZAKI Katsuhiko

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OKAZAKI Katsuhiko
Former Institution / Organization Shimane University Faculty of Law and Literature Department of Law and Economics
(BLANK)(Nagoya University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Law, Nagoya University
Faculty of Law, Waseda University


Legal Genesis on Concession of Public Utility
Nagoya University A Journal of Law and Political Science   67    1976
Legal Status of Alien in Japan
Nagoya University A Journal of Law and Political Science   75    1978
Legal Statut of Koreans in Japan
Law and Democracy   164    1982
Legal Natute of Atom-Nuclear Disaster Plan
Shimane Law Review   26(1)    1982
Trends and Problem of Sunset
Shimane Law Review   27(2)    1983

Books etc

Human Rights of Alien in Japan
Peace and Humanright   1979   
Rigtht to the Transport and Humanright
Rigtht to the Transport   1986   
Legal Theory on the Fare Licenre in Gernany Fecliral Railway
Theory on Modern Administrativ Law   1991   
Permanent Alien Residents and Political Right in the Local Government
Asian Citizens and Korean in Japan   1993   
On Foreigner Professors' Retirement Policy in National, Prefectural and Municipal University and College in Japan
Modern Educational Administration   1995   

Research Grants & Projects

Legal Control of Public Utility
Right of Alien
Legal Control of Local Administration