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Okayama University
Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
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Associate Professor

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Measurement of Scattering Parameters of Devices with Waveguide Ports and Coaxial Line Ports Using Unknown "Thru" Calibration "jointly worked"
Minoru Sanagi, Kazuhiro Fujimori, and Shigeji Nogi
IEICE Transactions on Electronics (Japanese Edition)   J94-C(12) 487-495   2011
A Compact Waveguide Power Divider Mechanical-Controlling Dividing Ratio "jointly worked"
Minoru Sanagi, Munehiro Koji, Shigeji Nogi, Ken-ichi Hamamoto, Naoki Niwa, and, Kenji Takagi
IEICE Transactions on Electronics (Japanese Edition)   J95-C(6) 109-116   2012
(Measurement of Low Frequency Electric Field Using Ti : LiNbO3 Optical Modulator)(共著)
(IEE Proceedings Part J)   140(2) 137-140
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques   43(1) 14-20

Conference Activities & Talks

Measurement of scattering parameters of devices with waveguide ports and coaxial line ports using unknown "thru" caliblation
IEICE Technical Report   2010   
Equivalent Circuit for a Coaxial Probe Pair Inserted into a Rectangular Waveguide
2011 IEICE General Conference   2011   
A Waveguide Power Dividing Switch Controlling the Dividing Ratio
2012 IEICE General Conference   2012   
Harmonic Mixers with High Conversion Gain by Manipulation of Harmonics of Local Oscillating Signal
2013 IEICE General Conference   2013   
Equivalent Circuit for a Microstrip Line Probe Inserted into a Rectangular Waveguide
2013 IEICE General Conference   2013