SUZUKI Kazuomi

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SUZUKI Kazuomi
Okayama University
Graduate School of Medicine , Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research Interests


Research Areas



Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University


Studies on the Improvement of the Physical properties of Dental Resin by Use of Methacrylic Adid Ester Having the Density Structure of Benzene-Containing Skeleton
J. Japan Res Soc Dent Mat Appl   34(4)    1979
Studies on Polymers Having Adhesiveness to Tooth Substance(Part 2)
J. Japan Res Soc Dent Mat Appl   34(4)    1979
A comparison of the Tensile Bond Strengths of Composite Resins to Longitudinal and Transverse Section of Enamel Prisms in Human Teeth
J. Dent. Res.   63(8)    1984
Treatment of Dentin by Aqueous Solution of Aminoacid Derivatives-HEMA
Japan Society for Adhesive Density   8(1)    1990

Books etc

Bonding to tooth tissue, What is on the horizon
Third Interanational Congress on Dental Materials Transaction   1997   
Standard Dental Materials
Gatsuken Shoin Co.   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

Adhesion of Restorative Resin to Tooth Substance-Treatment of Tooth Surface with Aqueous Solution of Amino-acid Derivatives and HEMA-
Adhesive mechanism of functional monomer to dentinal collagen
Pre-treatment of Dental Alloy for Adhesive Restorations -Polymer/Sn Composite Plating