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Okayama University
The Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology,Okayama University
Job title
Doctor of Agric. Sci.(Nagoya University)

Research Areas



Fungal suppressor as a determinant of host-specificity
Plant Cell Technology   5,12-18 
Suppressor : A determinant of specificity produced by plant pathogens
Plant Cell Physiology   35 1107-1119
(A phytopathological aspect on pine wilt disease)
Nippon Ryokuka K(]E87C7[)gaku Kaishi   19 289-295
Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in barley : activity enharcement in response to #IDBErysiphe graminis(/)-#IRDB f. sp. #IDBhordei(/)-#IRDB (rece 1) apathogen, and #IDBE. pisi(/)-#IRDB, a nonpathogen
Physiological and Molecular plant pathology   46 153-162

Books etc

Regulation of ATPase and signal transduction for pea defense responses by the suppressor and elicitor from #IDBMycosphaerella pinodes(/)-#IRDB
Host-Specific Toxin : Biosynthesis, Receptor and Molecular Biology(共著)   
The role of plant cell wall in determining rost-parasite specificity
Frout line of Plant Pathology in Tohoku division   
Signal transmission from cell wall to nuclear leading to plant defense responses
A Dawn of Plant-Microbe Interactions   
Host-selective seppressor for detense response from #IDBMycosphaerella pinodes(/)-#IRDB
Host-specific toxin : Biosynthesis, Receptor and Molecular Biology   
Phytoalexins and host specificity in plant diseases
Handbook of phytoalexin metabolism and Action (MDI)   


The primary action site of the suppressor from Mycosphaerella pinodes
Mechanisms in resistance against pine wilt disease (Report supported by Special Grant from Okayama Univ.)
Signal transduction pathways of higher plants are regulated by fungal signals
Molewlar analysis of blackbox between signal transduction and detense gene expression in plant cells
Recognition and signal transmission against phytopathogens

Research Grants & Projects

Mechanism in the determination of host-parasite specificity
Mechanism on induced systemic resistance and susceptibility
Sturcture and function of virulence genes in plant pathogenic fungi