Dohi Tadashi

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Dohi Tadashi
Hiroshima University
Research funding number

Awards & Honors

IEICE Engineering Sciences Society Achievement Award
Winner: Tadashi Dohi
ICNCRESE 2005 Best paper award
APARM 2010 Best paper award
Winner: T. Dohi, H. Okamura and S. Osaki
SERE-2012 Best paper award
Winner: X. Xiao and T. Dohi
QR2MSE 2014 Best paper award
Winner: H. Okamura, J. Guan, C. Luo and T. Dohi

Published Papers

Giri, B. C.; Dohi, T.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH   183(1) 238-252   Nov 2007   [Refereed]
The paper considers scheduling of inspections for imperfect production processes where the process shift time from an 'in-control' state to an 'out-of-control' state is assumed to follow an arbitrary probability distribution with an increasing fai...
Iwamoto, Kazuki; Dohi, Tadashi; Kaio, Naoto
Software rejuvenation is a preventive and proactive solution that is particularly useful for counteracting the phenomenon of software aging. In this article, we consider periodic software rejuvenation models based on the expected cost per unit tim...
Ohishi, Koji; Okamura, Hiroyuki; Dohi, Tadashi
JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE   82(3) 535-543   Mar 2009   [Refereed]
Gompertz Curve has been used to estimate the number of residual faults in testing phases of software development, especially by Japanese software development companies. Since the Gompertz curve is a deterministic function, the curve cannot be appl...
Ozaki, Tatsuya; Dohi, Tadashi; Kaio, Naoto
PERFORMANCE EVALUATION   66(6) 311-326   Jun 2009   [Refereed]
This paper concerns sequential checkpoint placement problems under two dependability measures: steady-state system availability and expected reward per unit time in the steady state. We develop numerical computation algorithms to determine the opt...
Sakai, Yuto; Rinsaka, Koichiro; Dohi, Tadashi
In the present paper, we propose a novel cyber-attack detection model based on two multivariate-analysis methods to the audit data observed on a host machine. The statistical techniques used here are the well-known Hayashi's quantification method ...


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A Statistical Approach for Maintenance Problems with Minimal Repair
18(4) 11-14   Apr 1996

Books etc

A Note on Replacement Policies for a Comulative Damage Model with Several Shock Modes(共著)
Proceedings of the First China-Japan International Symposium on Industrial Management International Academic Publishers   1991   
A Note on Optimal Production Planning with Log-normal Diffusion Demand「(共著)」
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Conference Activities & Talks

Towards empirical software reliability engineering [Invited]
Tadashi Dohi
The 5th International Conference on Advanced Science and Technology (AST 2013)   2013   
Recent advances on software reliability modeling [Invited]
Tadashi Dohi
Seminar on Software Reliability in 2013: Theory and Practice   2013   IEEE Reliability Society French Chapter, IEEE Reliability Society
Recent advancement of software reliability engineering [Invited]
Tadashi Dohi
The 17th International Conference on Industrial Engineering Theory, Applications and Practicee (IJIE 2013)   2013   
Nonparametric software reliability modeling and prediction [Invited]
Tadashi Dohi
The 2014 International Conference on Quality, Reliability, Risk, Maintenance, and Safety Enggineering (QR2MSE 2014)   Jul 2014   
Trend renewal processes: definition, estimation and application [Invited]
Tadashi Dohi
Workshop on Quality, Reliability, Maintenance, and Safety Engineering   Apr 2015   University of Science and Technology Beijing